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The Madre Says ...




My name is Marian and I'd like to be your guide in helping to facilitate the support and discovery of your highest human potential, which by design, will help you heal your body & mind to make space for more joy, peace, intimacy and love. My goal is to prepare you for your awakening and to support your path while you undergo and integrate your metamorphosis. This is a natural process and requires nothing but your openness and willingness to seek greater heights of life satisfaction. We do this by getting to know each other deeply, and deciding upon which modalities will benefit the process of your growth and elicit the deepest doses of self-reflection and introspection. 

As your Spiritual Guidance Counselor and Earth Medicine Guide (Shamama), I provide comprehensive services to help you feel the confidence and support you need to overcome the mindset and beliefs that have resulted in dis-ease or emotional pain. My purpose is to help you create a roadmap of consciousness that will lead you to having the time of your life, so that you can learn and heal from your past in ways that will benefit and promote a bright and illuminated future.

Over the years I have gained much wisdom in the ways of restoring balance and dignity to our lives, and I’d like to use my life's experiences to help you overcome the limiting beliefs that may be causing you to suffer from depression, anxiety, emotional and/or physical pain... I too have experienced these low-vibrational states from time-to-time. However, until I came to the understanding of how limited beliefs take a hold of our minds (due to religious, familial, political & societal programming) I could have had no way of knowing that life is determined by the conscious choices we make in each moment and how each choice needs to be made from Spirit instead of from eGo (fear). I seek to help you make the distinction from which place you operate clearer for you using Earth medicine as a significant tool for you to discover your truth. It's a very intense, yet gentle practice in thought correction. Our communion will help the alleviation of guilt, shame, resentment, and victimization. Self-empowerment, inner-peace and joy is our goal and we will have a lot of fun together getting there! I assure you.

I use nature's medicine, sound, and wisdom from my life's experience to elicit healing. My mission is to connect you with experiences that will blow your mind, open your heart and activate your Spirit in ways beyond comprehension. You will be introduced to people and places that will provide you with vital support in your life. 


In November of 2016, I had my first sacred ceremonial experience with the Madré Ayahuasca and I have been a steward of Grand Mother Medicine ever since. I spent 18 months in an Ayahuasca Retreat apprenticeship (2016-2018) communing in sacred space with the Madré Ayahuasca (a shamanic psychoactive brew made from the Ayahuasca vine found within the jungles of the Amazon), and the experiences I have had in divination has led me here to help, support, resolve the unconscious/subconscious patterns, beliefs, and challenging circumstances that prevent you from living the truest and highest version of your Self. I seek to see all of you, and help you discover your genius and beauty to a whole new degree.

(Please take note that you are not required to drink Ayahuasca in order to receive the benefits of Her wisdom - you will receive what is needed from our conscious dialoguing and communing together, although you are invited to participate if you would like).

Fewer than 1% of the human population has had the opportunity to commune with the divine Mother using this sacred medicine, and 1% of the 1% have studied under ascendant Masters. My teachers were trained by the Matriarch of the Shipibo tribe located deep within the jungles of Peru and what I aim to share is a unique perspective with the hope that major changes will be made to the way we think and feel about our connection to ourselves, each other in Love on Earth.

I am here to ensure that you are given the necessary tools to become accountable and honorable to your highest self.  

I use Fungi medicine as a healing and ascension modality, along with my voice & music, and other important elements necessary for conscious work/play.  Psychedelic-assisted therapy, sound vibrations, and harmonized singing all help to alleviate symptoms caused by mental, physical, and emotional pain. These medicinal modalities were integrated as a healthy part of life before the advent of agriculture. Our ancestors relied upon these medicines to attune the body, mind, and soul toward a happy life and connected community. 


Fungi is considered 'The flesh of the Gods' and we use it wisely with the utmost respect and with great integrity. I have participated in and witnessed healings beyond what the mind can conceive. I have seen desperate cases resolved, relationships healed, families united, diseases cured, and negative beliefs transmuted, all while working with sacred Earth medicines in sacred space/divine communion. My commitment to you is that you have a truly transformative experience that lives in your life for good. I will help you integrate the teachings you receive from the medicine so that you can look forward with confidence, options and faith in yourself!


I know that if we explore consciousness together, and thus evolve your self-awareness to provide you with wisdom that will help you on your path, then you will be given the keys to open the gates of your highest potential, heal past traumas and/or limiting beliefs, dissolve anxiety, eradicate depression, and instead invite ecstasy, healing, self-respect, dignity & love.  Our work/play together will help you understand (and remember) where it is that you would like to dwell; in peace and in harmony within yourself and in your relations. This takes practice, accountability, commitment, and consistency. I am here to support you in our efforts to feel peace and pleasure in daily life, to help you enrich each relationship you have with your liked and loved ones, and also to help you invite new experiences, spontaneous adventures, and enthusiastic endeavors into your world. When our consciousness expands, so do all of life's opportunities!


I founded Ankhology after years of working within the Shamanic field.  I will teach you everything I know.


This organization is dedicated to sharing knowledge, wisdom, and practices that work to simply be in love with life and to help push the limits of our awareness for the purpose of life satisfaction. It is possible. You will see!


Community, communion, and connection are on the menu!


Marian xo

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