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Single No More.

Attract // Magnetize // Inner - Work // Emotional Intelligence // System Software Upgrade

  • 1 hour
  • Zoom - Phone Call

Service Description

Aho! Are you someone who's tired and frustrated with the modern dating scene? But is yearning to love and be loved? You have means, time, and energy, but no quality connections? I can help. Have you ever seen the movie 'Hitch"? Everyone needs a wingwoman in life. I help to: -Guide you to increasing your emotional intelligence/self-awareness, so that you can enjoy unwavering confidence, which will magnetize you towards the type of person you really want to attract. -Guide you towards learning how to detect, address, and heal ailments (mind/body) that affect your health and wellbeing, so that you can attract the love you want in a healthy way. -Guide you in being able to create deeply spiritual/sensual/emotionally-intimate invitations and exchanges, which will impress and turn-on any person you desire. -Guide you in learning how to love yourself, so that you can fully allow yourself to love another. I will help guide you in learning how to embody your divine essence and assist you in resting in your own grounded presence, which will make you irresistible. I will help guide you in cultivating the mental, spiritual, communicative and emotional skills needed in order for you to go deep. *Prerequisites before booking: An Open Mind & Heart and the Willingness to change. KNOW THY SELF. There is nothing worth more in this life than to know who you are and why you are here... (to sex-it-up, cuddle-up, to love and to be loved). I will guide you in ways of beingness, provide you with skills in active listening, and we will practice ways of speaking that will amplify your heart and increase your magnetism, so that your connection to Self is strong and as a result, makes the pu$$y purrrr (I hope you're blushing!) You will learn to cultivate your inner knowing, lean into & trust in your intuition, and be given opportunity to practice your new skills... a lot! Now that is sexy! But first... 1) Are you willing to get outside your comfort zone? 2) Are you teach-able? I want to teach you everything I know based in experience and education. 3) Are you willing to put in the time, money, and energy needed to make the type of changes that will result in attracting your LOVE? The LOVE who will move mountains for you, care for you in the ways that you need, and provide you with a sex-filled joy-ride you will call life? If so, let's talk! Text: 801.580.2705 for the tools to connection, intimacy and WILD ADVENTURE with your LOVER! (present or future). -Marian xo

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Corner spot 4411 S 2950 E, Holladay, UT, USA

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