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Who’s in your corner?

Who’s in your corner?

Have you ever noticed yourself dreaming or imagining something for yourself in life that got you all lit up? But it is so far from your current reality that it feels silly to speak it out loud, or you’d rather dismiss it as a dream? Or it is so out of left field that it seems impossible to fathom it coming into fruition?

Maybe when you were a child, you shared your dreams with a significant person and they poo-poo’d your vision, thereby stifling the mechanism that evokes your spirit? I know that story well. When I was a child, my father told me that the thing I wanted to do/be wouldn’t pay the bills, and silly me being young and impressionable, I diverted my efforts towards what I thought would be more lucrative according to his perceptions and ideals. What a sad and sorry mistake - parenting fail! It happens to the best of us. Until I came to La Medicina, I was living according to everyone else’s projections, suggestions, intentions, and opinions. My inner authority was stifled.

All stories aside right now, my question to you is where do you think your imagination comes from? What is it based in? Take a guess…

Great Spirit!

If you haven’t accessed your imagination in a while, please text 801.580.2705 and I’ll fit you right in. This indicates a soul emergency.

The people I tend to attract towards my Psychedelic practice are battling the problems that come from feeling stuck. They’re stuck in their jobs, they’re stuck in their relationships, they’re stuck in a pattern, they’re stuck in their bodies, and they don’t know what to do. They have their ideals, but their current reality is so far from what they had hoped for that they settle into ignoring and denying their true feelings, their passion, their body, and/or their purpose.

*** Never underestimate the power of fulfilling your purpose and becoming in-tune with your destiny. This life experience is about the ecstasy that comes when you are harmonious with your highest self. The love you liberate through your passion, is the love you get to keep. Nothing can take that away from you, and it is certainly the most sustainable way to celebrate your personal life regardless of external circumstances.

Each connection call I take begins with a similar sentiment. “I feel stuck”. Most often it has to do with their career choice and the vice they feel they’re in. The place between earning a living doing what brings them pleasure and joy (most often people don’t know what would bring them vocational joy) and the reality of their current situation. Because we spend most of our daily lives, in the modern day, working a job to make ends meet we sometimes don’t feel like we have the luxury to daydream about the possibilities, which is an obvious mistake. I know many who have settled into the uninspired category of living because putting energy into the unknown is too uncomfortable, too risky, too time consuming, too disruptive to the regularly scheduled thought program. Switching gears and pivoting into a new direction takes intense focus, drive, determination, and will power. All the goodies!

In order to feel the confidence to pursue what Spirit invites us into we need to feel supported and validated in our efforts… every step of the way. In a world program touting hyper-independence and self-reliance, the idea that someone outside of yourself could help you or personally mentor you is absent from common narratives. The majority of the human population works in ways that feed a system that’s detrimental to our health and well-being. For me, knowing and seeing this, I see a massive opportunity. We need to regroup in order to dismantle the chaos. We need innovation. We need collaboration. We need to pool resources, so that everyone can win. This is where imagination comes in very handy! But first, a de-programming has to take place within oneself, in order to make room for something new to immerge.

At the end of our lives though, the deepest reflections take place. “Why didn’t I just go for it?” or “I wish I mended that relationship”, “if only I…”.

If only what? Ask yourself, then go ahead and tell me. You can avoid future pain and regret by harnessing your desires in the present moment, and seeking assistance in the ways that are natural for me to help.

Since I began playing with Psychedelics and using them in my Ankhology practice, I learned to embody a life-death-life frame of mind, this is Shamanism. While we are alive we go through many personal deaths. We mourn what was or wasn’t, we heal, we are reborn, and then we die again… over and over and over again. It’s important to remember that our spirit never dies. We cannot detach from it during life (although it is easily muted by pharma & street drugs and alcohol). When the eGo tries to detach from spirit, it may feel like death because we are not hearing the whispers of certainty. That’s right! Certainty! When you listen to your spirit, you can’t fail, because faith and courage are positive emotions that breed more positive emotions, catapulting us into higher frequencies and good vibrational standing for longer periods of time. That’s the manifestation-plane. When we are plagued with negative emotions for too long, life starts to fall apart and it’s hard to hear the whispers of Spirit through the screams of the eGo. Suicide is the win of the eGo, and the attempted murder of our spirit. No bueno. On the flipside, when we are consistently supported by positive emotion, life starts to take on a new and improved inner and outer landscape.

Our instinct (eGo) is based in survival, our spirit is based in eternity. Psychedelics help us make this very important distinction in time and space! When we are in our regular waking hours, we are most often not attuned to our spirit. In order to attune, it requires us having a meditative practice, being in the presence of a high vibrational being(s), taking Psychedelics or going on an Ayahusca Retreat, or being alone in nature for a great period of time. When you’re in environments that lack positivity, you’re doomed. Your wellness is driven by spirit, your doubt and fear by eGo. When people are in toxic situations, there’s a mounting pressure to release. When you’re fighting for your life, for real (or what feels like for real), your instinct wins at first, but if you take enough time to consider your strategy, than you will most likely make a wiser choice. It takes time for our lizard brain to make it up the 3rd eye and crown chakra regions, where we can process and move from a Spiritual place - an All-knowing energy field.

When a person has the ability to distinguish the difference between a real threat vs. a perceived threat then that’s when life starts to become a holy illumination. Because trauma responses have a funny way of showing up in the most unlikely places and spaces! It’s really good to do inner-child work to reveal where the deepest triggers are, and who presses your buttons in a way that brings it all up for you to see. We need to thank these people for playing their parts!

When we’re afraid to take risks that are quite logical for our own well-being, then you can count on who’s driving the mental bus; eGo. If you’re a provider for your family then the stakes are quite high, because you need to put food on the table, braces on the teeth, etc. If your dependance see you miserable at your job, or if you think you can hide the malaise you feel about what you do, than you are fooling yourself and your family… essentially pressing down on the inner-pressure valve. Chances are you are instilling a fearful mindset onto your offspring, which says “don’t take calculated risks, don’t think outside of the box, just be glad you have a job, life is a slog - just grin and bare it”. This is a no bueno mentality.

Our kids need to see us experiment with life, take risks, fail forward, all the while feeling our love, presence and grounded stability. As long as there is love, a roof, healthy home-cooked food, and a healthy dose of environmental/emotional exploration and safety our kids will thrive.

The worst thing you can do to your spirit is be at odds with what you do… perhaps you’re a part of an organization that you know is not good. Perhaps the basis of the organization isn’t in alignment with your beliefs, maybe you are aware of the damage it causes to the public, maybe you think what you do is useless and that you’re replaceable. Whatever it is, perpetual stuckness is a hard place to dwell.

Now that we’ve gotten so techy, men aren’t hunting deer anymore, and the ladies aren’t collecting nuts and berries and families aren’t moving regions every season change to find new food and dwellings. That’s not our reality anymore, but our DNA can’t upload the new high-speed wiring as fast as we’re receiving it. You can’t override who knows how many millions of years of evolution over the period of a couple thousand years. It’s too much to ask! Do you know why Atlantis fell? The technology surpassed the people’s ability to integrate it. I think technology will doom us eventually, which will cause a rebirth of the world as we know it… nothing to fear.

My point is that everyone has the answers within themselves, but the questions to ask to receive these answers can lie dormant until a relational experience provides the key (so to speak). The key (Psychedelics) is unlocking certain trigger/tension points within our awareness, which leads to the eGo reveal, limiting thought patterns and behaviors, insecurities, false-beliefs, etc. This is a natural process and can be one of the most significant experiences in life! The truth about oneself is revealed in ways that can’t be explained, but need to be experienced, so that higher versions of reality can take root in life after the medicinal experience in time and body is over.

Back to the beginning…

How does one get unstuck?

-Learn in ways that you haven’t.

-Listen to what the people with integrity around you are saying (to you & about you).

-Check in with your body for Hell yes! Fuck no! feelings and sensations. Just start identifying them, like a science experiment. Nuanced or "soft feels" need more investigation.

This is only the beginning. Having someone in your corner whose soul-purpose and motivation is to support your success is a recipe for ecstasy on all fronts.

I’m not trying to sell anything here other than your happiness.

I started this Blog to find a clever way to improve my odds of attracting the right people who need care, fun, and compassion that really delivers.

Since starting this blog I’ve had 238 direct visits to my website, I've been on several connection calls (all local people!), and welcomed a new person to my practice. Pretty awesome, and it’s all happening at my speed. Thanks Universe!

I’ll be bold and blunt.

I wanna be your ferry guide mother;)

To get unstuck at your job, in your relationship (or lack of one), or to heal your body/improve your vitality, the solution is very clear… get Spiritual support in the form of shamanic aid, compassionate care, and earth medicine.

Winning combo!

Have someone be there for you during the high and low moments of the humane/spiritual growth process. It’s a rare investment to make in a world that touts money and aesthetics as the most valuable currencies. Everyone has been fooled, except us. We’re not falling for it anymore. But know this; the pursuit of embracing and embodying our spirit brings abundance in every way that you can conceive.

If you don’t believe me, or you are skeptical, what do you have to risk in order to see for yourself?

This is an honest question that is worth asking yourself.



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