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What's Your Problem?

Can you put your finger on it?

Chances are your mind is stewing on the content of the situation instead of the context.

Let me provide you with real-life examples.


"Doug" is in between jobs. He's got a family to support. The relationship he has with his woman is on the fritz. He doesn't feel respected. He's unable to provide for his family. His wife barely earns enough to cover the monthly grocery bills. She doesn't want to have sex with him. She's turned OFF. He's got his resumé circulating through various job-seeking sites. He hates the field he's been in, so he seeks reluctantly. He believes he's too old to go back to school. He's steeped in a depression. His anxiety has him popping pills and taking edibles regularly. He's losing himself. He's isolated himself for years because he feels like a failure. He feels hopeless, unworthy, lost - he wants to tap out as a means of justifying his despair. Nothing seems fair.


"Doug" needs to move on from what he's known. His masculine essence is in question. His perpetual state of negativity has caused him to lose connection to the source within himself. He questions everything, but receives no answers or solutions. Ego is winning the battle. He is unable to see his gifts, tap into his brilliance, feel into his brave heart. In the absence courage, negativity will prevail (which is how suicide takes place). The pressure to provide, to lead, and to love are like heavy weights on his mind, and he has no energy to climb out of the hole he is in. His creative force is non-existent. For every step forward, there are two steps back. He cannot gain momentum in order to persevere, to feel as though there is progress. His ego tells him to be lazy, that it's pointless, to just give up. He grew up in an environment where there was a strong religious presence and he doesn't feel as though he was given the opportunity to know himself well, and thus continues to act in the ways of a child (locking himself in his room, protests, and goes silent). His wife "mothers" him, harshly criticizes him, validating his low self-worth.


"Sheila" is an attractive and successful woman. Her career and public image is on point. She owns several properties, has enough money to do as she pleases, but often finds herself alone, and is often lonely. Her children are grown and still require her help to 'launch' into life on their own. She has been in several abusive relationships with men who have taken advantage of her, and in some cases have become violent towards her. She has very high standards for how a man "should" behave and keeps her heart guarded and protective, considering all that she's been through. She wants a spiritual man who knows himself, can provide for himself, is a good communicator and knows how to treat a lady. She's interested in finding the right person, but she's doubtful it will ever happen. Netflix, wine, travel and online shopping are her favorite past times as of late.


"Sheila's" self-worth is in question. She was taught to be self-reliant at all costs and has formed a protective shell around herself to ensure that she doesn't get hurt, but which has also limited her capacity to receive and give love. She feels as though she is always giving, and never receiving (the always/never trap). The moment she meets someone new, her guard is up and she is surveying whether they are worthy of her time and attention, and is on the lookout for how they may want to deceive her. She doesn't trust. Although she considers herself 'spiritual', she is unable to tap into the source of her problems with a clear lens of non-attachment. Her inability to see the source of her internal pain prevents her from exercising the spiritual wisdom she so desperately practices and seeks. She is not open and receptive to her feminine essence. She has masculine energy. She is subconsciously on the lookout for predators, and so what does she attract? At the same time she longs to be held, cherished, nurtured, and sexed, but would rather vet her dates extensively before she would let on to her having these tender needs.

Can you see it? Do you notice the difference?

In my practice I work with people to help them identify what's really going on. Most humans are focused on the content, not the context. The context is way more important to discover, because from there we can find solutions, based in healing and courage, and resulting in progress.

Psychedelics do half the work for my patients, because by the time we get to the experience, we have begun to discover the root of the problem. Once the experience is under way, many realizations are opened up consciously and from there we're able to roll-up our sleeves and do the real work, which is to live out what we've learned. "Doug and Sheila" are real people battling with hard things that have plagued them for years.

By the time my clients find me they are desperate. They have gone the clinical therapy route and they report that it lacks soul (duh, it's clinical!). During our initial conversation I can tell that they are relieved to have someone to talk to, in-depth, about what is ailing them. I can extract what people aren't saying, offer what I hear, and have them confirm that they resonate with this new-found truth, which offers them SWEET RELIEF!

Then the good stuff happens. We find solutions that resonate with an astounding YES!

We play our way to mental liberation. We don't stew on the past, on the negative, on the neurosis. No, that ain't my way. My work is to lead with direct guidance. No wishy-washy psychological stuff. I'll leave that to the psycho experts;) My scope of genius lies within the spiritual nature of life.

My goal is to have my people fall in love with life, again. To embody the innocence and trust of a child, but as a grown and mature adult who has learned to appreciate the sacredness of life, including all its ups and downs. The KEY to this process is a healthy combination of trust, courage, acceptance, forgiveness, and surrender.

Yummy, yum and yum!

I work with people on a seasonal basis. What I have found is it takes at least one season to morph mindsets and to get a person out of a negative cycle and moved into a positive one. It is a wow experience for me when I witness someone move into a new frequency, and that is why I am in LOVE with my work. The feedback I get when life starts to respond to the work we do in my practice is nothing short of miraculous. And what does it take to get there? The Key (shared above).

My next few medicinal retreats are being planned right now for May and July (in Utah and in Ecuador - in that order), in case you are interested in joining me.

Spiritual Tips:

  1. Purchase a deck of Oracle Cards. I am using the Rumi Oracle cards, by Alana Fairchild in my practice right now.

Choose one for each day and follow the guidance. Do not skip a day. Journal each day and reflect upon the teachings and embody them daily.

2. Tap into the zodiac sign of the times, and learn and follow the moon cycles and what they mean. Learn to embody the characteristics of each sign as they come and go and honor them by tuning into the planets and what they represent in real time. Our chakras represent the planets in our solar system, so by adhering to their wisdom we can become aligned with the energies that are at play.

3. Write your own obituary. Include who you've loved, who you're excited to see on the other side, and what you've left as your legacy in the life you've lived. This practice will give you tremendous insight into the life that you yearn to live, while also honoring the path you've been on, and will provide you the opportunity to fill in some blanks.

I have 3 open spaces in my practice right now. If you are ready to embark on a wild and deep journey of self discovery and transformation, that will alleviate many of the problems you are facing, do not hesitate.

The question is are you ready to meet your highest self?

I am!

Let's make the connection.


Marian xo

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