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What do you do with an idea?

Aloha my friends,

It's been a while! How has your summer been? I'd love to hear all about it, for real.

Last week I joined the Utah Creative Chamber as the Chief Connections Collaborator. It's been super challenging to come up with a title for my position - the CCC title seems to be the best way to describe what I'm putting my efforts towards. I was hoping to use "Shamama" as a reference for my work here, but my co-creators think it will confuse people. I get it. Maybe it'll become a nick-name.

This past May I closed my little Culture Corner Community Center after a year of tremendous learning by trial and error. I had the idea to open the shop from knowing what people are dealing with and wanting to provide a nurturing and uplifting environment for people to do their personal work while having the time of their lives. It was a huge success in some ways, and not so much in others. I learned about myself in ways you can, only by taking big risks. In my world, if there is no risk, there is no reward, and anyone who knows me knows that I'm an actionable person when it comes to manifesting my ideas into the world. Nina Simone says it best "No Fear".

For several weeks after I lamented over the closure, I got my shit back together and decided to focus on my Psychedelic practice (which is going great!). While I was in the process of considering the closure of my shop, I was approached by CJ Arnell to help him spearhead and open The Utah Creative Chamber. He's the founder of LakeHouse Studios and has a HOLY LORD band called "Changing Lanes" where he plays base. It takes one to know one, and he saw me in my element and asked if I would consider taking up position at the UCC. I thought about the offer for months while we kept in touch and dorked out on all the possibilities when we got connected over the summer.

I'm writing to you now from my vibey office. It's stuffed to the brim of everything I had at Culture Corner, plus there's wowza art hung on the walls AND THERE's A PIANO IN HERE!!!!! Sigh.

I'm creating the programs/classes/events as we speak. This position is everything I could have ever wanted to do with my life, and we're only just getting started.

This place is a haven for creatives. When shit is hitting the fan in life, what we need most is to get into our creative juices in order to effectively problem solve any circumstance (instead of stressing/ignoring/masking). Not only can artists, executives, kids and families learn and grow in ways that promote success and satisfaction, but they can also have a place to collaborate on projects IN PERSON facilitated by people like me who have an expertise in certain subjects. I am promoting conscious exploration and connection in all its miraculous ways using the Utah Creative Chamber as my playground. YEEHAW!

This Sunday we are opening the space for tours. Me and the UCC team will be responsible for providing information about our memberships and to share what will be unfolding here within the 30K sq ft of holy-shit space we have to play and create in.

If this tickles your fancy, please join me/us from 3pm-7pm for tours @960 W Levoy Dr, Taylorsville UT

Here are some examples of the courses/categories/classes/events that will be taking place here:

NOTE: if you have ideas or suggestions, please share.

  • Heart/Soul/Body: Health, Nutrition, Mental Wellbeing, Emotional/Psychological Support, Getting off Your Prescription Meds, Wholeness Nutrition Education, Astrology/Human Design, Pilates, FlowChi, Yoga, Pranayama/Kudalini, Martial Arts, Weight Training

  • Spiritual Awakening & Evolution/Ankhology Academy: Humane Development in the home & workplace (Culture Corner), Developing a Spiritual Practice, Gaia’s Medicines and Sacred Knowledge, Finding Your Ikigai (Reason for Being), The Journaling/Prayer Process

  • Culture & Community: Adopt a Refugee Family, Family Planning, Community Garden Workshops, Soul-Tribe Connections, Financial Literacy, Podcast Creation Development/Support, Public Speaking, Languages, Tell Your Story/Write Your Story

  • Travel & Leisure: Planning/Promoting/Collaborating Retreats, Plan Your Next Group Vacation, The Inside Scoop (getting travel advice/help/recommendations/local contacts), UCC Field-Trip Planning, Fundraising/Create a Pitch Deck, Knowing Utah Laws

  • Performing Arts Academy: Sing/Song writing and performance, Finding Your Voice Development/Training, Choir, Get Booked for Gigs!, Instrumental Music Band Jam, Start Your Own Band, Write/Play/Perform/Practice Sessions, Music Producing & Production, Family Band Jam (Saturdays/Sundays/Monday Nights), Drum Circle, Learn An Instrument, Concert Music Assembly, Record Your Album, I CAN DANCE! Ecstatic Dance, PHUNK RX, Developing Your Choreography, Burlesque, World Dance, Visual Art Development, Sell Your Art, Painting A Nude, Mural Art, Develop Your Artistic Skills, The Activist Artist, Art Therapy/Healing Trauma through Art, A Poet At Heart - Cultivating Your Unique Style, Poetic Justice, Improv Comedy

  • Love, Relationships, Partnerships, Collaboration & Connection/Ankhology Academy: Diamonds & Pearls Membership - Safe Conversations, The Fortunate King, The Queen’s Code, Relationship Repair/Creating Harmony Counseling & Guidance, Family Constellations, Date Night Workshops (Keiki Care Available), Become A Love Magnet/Single No More (matchmaking), Co-Parent Support Group, LBGTQ+ Creative Collaborations

  • Keiki & Community: AunTee’s Corner, Emotional Development, Family Support Group/Heal The Parent Heal the Child, Teen Talk, Body Awareness & Education Q/A, Music/Art/Dance/Song

  • Field Trips/Community Projects & Service:

  • Events: She-Wolf Coven, Gaia Nights (Seasonal Music Festivals/Retreats, Plan Your Big Event, Monthly Dance Party/Band Jam/Live Concerts, Mens Circle, Mommy Meet-Up, Soul-Train, Electric Circus, Dance Hall, Reggae Night, 30+ Dance Party, Ladies Night, Paint & Wine Night, Around the World Music & Dance for the WholeFamily.

What sounds good to you? What's good for you? And/or your family?

Why do a verbal runaround with a therapist when you can unleash your inner creative genius while getting the emotional support and counseling you need for the same price/month? No brainer.

My Ankhology practice now has a home, and I'll be welcoming my community of Psychedelic people to my office for their personal development.

Some dates worth mentioning (in case you are interested in joining):

-September 3rd @3pm-7pm - Utah Creative Chamber Tour & Membership Open House

960 W Levoy Drive, Tayorsville UT

-September 30th - Reggathering (Day Music Festival/Fundraiser for Maui Families)

West SLC, UT @11am-10pm (family friendly!!!)

-January (TBD) - Ecuador Ayahuasca/Yahé Retreat (Family Friendly), Co-led by Sequoia Indigenous Shaman + Special Guest Facilitators

If you have an idea, this is the place to cultivate it into something that'll set your soul on fire. I'm here to help you every step of the way.

That's all i've got for now, and thank you for reading!

I'll be back soon with some updates and UCC website info/links :)

Pull up!

Marian xo

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