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What Ayahuasca taught me about Love

In a ceremony I participated in several years ago, a gentleman shared his concept of love, based on the teachings he received from Grandmother Medicine, Ayahuasca during his journey.

I paraphrase. He said something like ‘we’re all whole people with missing parts, due to a lifetime of unprocessed pain. We lose parts of ourselves in the battle with the innate desire to become whole again. When we find someone to love and who will love us, we fill the gaps lost in time. Love allows us to complete our puzzle”. 

I remember being dumbfounded by his share, because modern narratives claim that until you are whole, you may not be ready to invite love into your life. Ayahuasca confirmed what I have always known to be true: we are always ready to invite love into our lives. It does’t matter where you are on your journey, love awaits your acceptance and approval of it in your life. Why just settle for self-love, when you can have it all? 

Do you believe you can have it all? I believe you can.

If you don’t, who told you you couldn’t?

In order to have it all, you have to take stock of what’s missing. And by missing, I mean your deepest gut knowing that there is more to life than what you are currently holding. Accepting the desires you have, the healthy ones, ensures that you’re being honest with yourself and asking Universe to guide you into making manifest the experiences you long to have while you’re alive.

My father, when rarely we speak, makes sure to mention that he believes everyone is, in some form, or in some way a prostitute. Yikes. He tells me to lose my idealism, that it’s wasted energy, because the world is broken and so is everyone in it. 

This is what I grew up with. 

He’s racist, bitter, angry, and extremely hostile. He will fly off the handle over any mention of psychedelics (because he believes they’re drugs and bad), and I feel sorry for him. He is locked in a prison of his own making. His beliefs prevent him from living a good life. His childhood was horrendous. He doesn’t believe in healing.

My Mother, on the other hand, is warm and open minded, and she is at peace with herself and with her life. I took her on a Hera’s journey many years ago - using psilocybin mushrooms. She laughed and cried for hours. We bonded in ways that are similar to holding your newborn babe in your arms. 

My parents got divorced when I was 14 years old. Thank heavens. My father is now making his current family miserable, while me and my older sister continue to do our healing work to remove the stains of his being-ness from our consciousness and therefore lives. I am in a constant state of striving to overcome his negative influence. And yet, I do love and care for him, because he is my Father and I wouldn’t be here without him. I listen as he rants, and do my deep breathing to hold space for myself and for him. I am at peace with what it is. 

When you’re cooked in a toxic soup, it can take many years of healing work to remove the ingredients that could make you sick. I am living proof of the miracle of Ayahuasca and other plant and fungi medicines can provide on our healing journey. 

These medicines allow a person to see what they’ve been dealing with, so that they can release the baggage that’s keeping them down. Everyone has ingrained patterns. The goal is to see them, and release them, cultivating a willingness for change. It’s not ever known how the change will occur internally, the intention is to be open to it, wholeheartedly.

When I consciously embarked on educating and immersing myself on learning the matters of love (when my life was falling apart) I came across teachings that changed me as a person. I was awakened to truths I had never been taught before and that less than 1% of the population are privy to. It took me 9 years of learning and integration in order to be able to stand here and offer my services to you, with the hope that our connection will provide positive changes in your life experience. That is my goal and mission.

Learning about how hormones (whore-moans?) work, and the ways that they express themselves in the opposite sex gave me superpowers of understanding, and for the first time in my life, I began to see people in a whole new way. I dropped the bitterness, the victim mentality, and was able to take responsibility for the choices I made in the past, while also yearning to share the knowledge I came across to anyone who was willing to change their habits and behaviors too, for the betterment of their lives and humanity as a whole.

Building bridges is my life’s work. And what I’ve found is that you can tell someone where a treasure is, but often they won’t believe you. That is until they become desperate. I ask myself, why does it have to be this way? I think that people are untrusting, because there are so many mixed messages out there. which is unfortunate.

For me, knowledge is power, and power when used in loving service promotes exaltation, unity mentality, and inner peace.

When knowledge is shared in a sexy, wild, and fun way, the teachings are easy to digest and integrate. 

My teachers were not wild, or fun, and that’s where we differ. 

You can be both wild and wise, but it takes great strength, tenacity of purpose, and discipline. All the goodies.

Ayahuasca taught me about the aforementioned qualities above, and that is why I will be forever in Her service. 

Humanity is lost because it has lost sight of the most important life elements; Love & Nature.

Our Earth is our home, and look at what we’ve done, collectively to it. Mother Earth is hemorrhaging because we have adopted a value system based on greed and consumption. But it doesn’t have to remain that way.

My hope, dream and wish, is to unite people in love and healing, so that they can find people and purpose, in order to lead the world into a time of Great Healing, and therefore awakening. It’s time.

I’m not looking for followers, I’m looking for leaders.

Do you feel the call for change, growth, and life satisfaction? Because there is a treasure to be found when embarking upon The Path To Eden, a place we must eagerly return to.  

Please feel free to respond to this email with any questions or concerns you may have, regarding any of the information I’ve shared over the past few days. 

P.S. I’ve had a writing mentor for the last 6 months. He’s lovely. I paid him to help me find my writing legs and authentic writing voice. He provided me with great advice. He said “Marian, all you have to do is try to connect to people using your natural gifts, AND YOU MUST WRITE EVERY SINGLE DAY!” 

And so it is.



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