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What a buzz... Musings from our Ayahuasca Retreat

Q: What is healing?

A: Being open to receive love without resistance.

There is a very necessary component to healing, and the catalyst is found within the vibration and sound frequencies.

Ayahuasca illustrates, demonstrates, and illuminates the way towards healing via vibration and frequency. The way She does it is exquisite. The shaman (indigenous medicine person) or medicine wo/man affect the medicine's potency and direction through sound. The healing results are nothing short of miraculous when you combine good medicine, a pure heart, a safe space, and intuitive musical genius. Not all ceremony spaces are created equal, and I can confidently attest that the soul-fully enriching results each person enjoys is a testament to the quality of the experience provided.

Intimacy is key.

Many people fear the process, because there is resistance in their hearts. They are not ready to heal, and therefore to open and say YES! to life. Most admit to me that they fear what they will have to face. This is a projection of their internal world. I do not wish to convince anyone to participate in what makes them afraid - that is not my job - nor is it the frequency to meet a great teacher with. It's hard to learn when you're afraid. Some blame time, as if there is a good or bad time to release heavy karmic baggage.

I've heard all the excuses. It all boils down to fear. If only people knew what awaits them on the other side of their fears. Holy Mother!

I feel so fortunate to have been taught about life from my mom, who is a very open-minded and kind person. This has allowed me to let curiosity guide my life, instead of fear. My mother always encouraged me to take risks, even at an early age, and this mindset has served me all of my life. Many years ago I hera-dosed my mother with psilocybin mushrooms and we journeyed to realms together in trust and ecstasy. We laughed and laughed and experienced tremendous catharsis. Our family has gone through so much pain, so it was nice for us to process it all together in sacred space.

Over the past several months, while I planned the retreat, I must have spoken to many dozen people and answered a thousand questions. The cost to participate was minimal considering the worth, and in the end there were 9 participants. I turned 45 on April Fools Day, which in numerology equates to 9, so it all makes sense Universally speaking. It was perfect.

There aren't words for what we experienced together. All I can say is that the weekend was divine and the healings that took place were gorgeous.

The Madré has Her way. She is mysterious, She is vital, She is wise, She is playful, and Extraordinary. When we travel through her medicine, we see what we need to see in order to heal through all-encompassing compassion. She teaches us, inspires us, and shows us what is possible. Oh, how I love Her so!

Our ceremony was long and intense. The sounds and music that came from my soul were carried and delivered through consciousness to my beloved participants. In that space we understood things collectively and as a result we experienced unity. So much love was shared. In sacred space we were reborn and were able to witness and experience each other without resistance.

Ayahuasca allows us to do our deep inner work; playfully, artfully, lovingly, unapologetically. Some hold onto their wounds for life, unknowingly carrying them around, not fully living. Ayahuasca gives us the space to recognize the burdens we carry, and provides us a release in order for us to be transformed, thus making lots of space for joy, success, and happiness.

Too many people subconsciously believe that they are undeserving of happiness. How sad.

Ayahuasca helps us to flip the negative script! She does the heavy lifting at first, then it's up to us to integrate and make use of her teachings. My practice is designed to support the whole process.

I know a few things about myself that I dare not try to change, but that have caused me to pause and contemplate my own existence in how it is expressed. And that is that I am intense and passionate, which can come across as intimidating and aggressive (so I've been told). I look at it like this - it takes a warrior to come to this medicine. The faint of heart could use a heroic dose! The more strength and courage I embody, the deeper I travel and meet myself in truth, which allows me to support others on their path.

I ask the ones I work with, who are on the path, not to apologize for their gifts, which may seem like weaknesses to the unconscious. Each who comes to the medicine sees their inherent strengths and it is my role to make sure that the flames that were lit in ceremony stay that way, because upon the first winds of doubt or despair the flame can be easily extinguished. It takes time to solidify being in a new frequency.

A lot of ingrained beliefs have to be released and new ways of thinking have to be set-up in order for real change to occur. It's called Integration. That's why retreats make so much sense. There's time to marinate in the teachings. There's lots of time to talk, download, play, cook, clean, nature together. The affects of this time well spent are precious moments in a state of humble, and careful teachings. My range of genius dwells within the parameters of medicinal space, because I'm able to express what is needed through words, movement and music, which carries potent vibrations and allows for the ascent into new frequencies. Leading by example gives everyone who is participating the space to express themselves freely and openly. It may not seem like such a big deal from where you are sitting right now, but there is so much power in feeling free to be who you want to be. Without a past, without an identity, like a newborn grown-up-babe who has a treasured beauty and innocence to share with the world.

This is what community asks from us; that we support each other on the path. Of living the kind of life that is right for us, that excites us, that allows us to honor our values, that invites us be our kind and respectful selves, to be challenged by life in ways that cause growth and empowerment.

To truly know the value of a fellow human.

Ayahuasca elicits this knowing, and I'm here to amplify the message for those of you who have yet to travel within Her realms, or who are in need of love in a way that causes introspection, curiosity, and soul-full expansion.

Are you ready to get ready for next time?

If so, you can let me know by booking a connection call, so that we can talk one-on-one.

I would be honored to walk the medicine path with you.

If not, I hope this message finds you well.



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