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Welcome to Psychedelic Girl-Talk!

I got the idea for this title many years ago when my model/actress/real-estate agent friend told me about a show she was involved in called 'hot tub girl talk'. The title stuck and although I tried to use it for various other endeavors, this felt like a home run title for my new blog.

My blog's aim is a big one! To change our culture/society/politics to become more inclusive using sound wisdom, illuminating points-of-view, and concrete data. Easy! If you're reading this now you may be tired of of the bullshit out there and are looking for a sounding board on information in regards to topics that are left out of most conversations. I got you, and welcome to my world. We're family now.

The other day I went on a writing tirade on the contra-indications of our politics/culture/society. My observations regarding the ridiculous nature of our North American culture came pouring out of me. As a medicine woman I have a unique point of view, in that I am often provoked to analyze the discrepancies and blatant hypocrisies within our systems that allow me to shed inconvenient truths about them. I have to swim upstream - most of the time - because the vast majority of our culture's beliefs are incongruent to love and logic, and that is the space/place I feel most comfortable in. My close community shares most of my beliefs because we have sat in sacred space together and in that space we are open to learning and growing together in order to feel joy and peace in our lives and within our relations.

Most people do not enjoy the luxury I have in that they have sounding boards who hold space for ideas and concepts that are vastly different from the majority. There are times when even the most open minds cannot fathom a concept I propose because it triggers a deep and sticky belief system that was adopted without their consent. In these cases, I take a step back and accept that some people are not ready to hear what I have to say, what I believe, or the solutions I propose. Most people don't have the energy for it.

I'm hoping you do.

What is the truth? The most basic truth, from my point of view and life experience is, that in order to have harmony in this world, we need to hear from voices that have had no place to sing/speak from.

Psychedelic Girl Talk is my commitment to sharing my voice so that incremental changes can be made in thought correction, so that more people can live dignified lives according to their hearts desire and for the sake of our beautiful Gaia.

Too many people are suffering and although that might be a part of the human condition, I feel there is too much suffering going on, not enough helpers on the case, and a lot of confused people with lots of energy and resources, but nowhere to put it (which translates to anxiety, depression and disease).

Before you continue reading, please be aware that I am a Human Design Projector, which means I'm designed to trigger and provoke an emotional response with the people I engage with. Since you are here by your own volition, you have invited me into your world and accept that I may or may not make you feel uncomfortable and you're ok with that. Sometimes learning and growing is uncomfortable, so I hope you stick around to see where your comfort levels dwell and if you're willing to ease into learning with an open mind and heart, so that you can embody your Soul for good;)

Let us get straight to work. Here's what I wrote the other day during my tirade.

Major societal contra-indications & other conscious observations:

  1. The more government control and military spending, the safer people are supposed to feel, but the very nature of it produces more fear (policing/army/aggression/hostility vibez. Not pura vida). When questioned, dire consequences can take effect and voicing one’s opinions can result in ostracization or in some extreme cases result in murder. JFK, MLK jr, for example.

  2. Some master plants that grow from the ground are illegal (and to the extreme) punishable by prison if —- fill in the blank). However drugs in the form of prescribed “medicine” kills literally tons of people each year, but less than as much as alcohol. (Have you ever seen a movie/show without people drinking alcohol in it?)

  3. Our media depicts all sorts of dramas, so that viewers have the option to disengage from their own. Boredom is so easily solved with media. Have you watched the cartoon ‘Barbie’? Prepare to have your mind blown at the obvious programming of young minds for the purpose of consumerism, comparison, competition, and in-equality.

  4. The “bottom line” for a business can disrupt one's ability to see the injustice of what their business actions cause for a community, thereby breaking down basic human morality (with the conviction to do so for profit) so that food can be put on the table, plus substantial extra in extreme cases (people with 2nd, 3rd, & 4th homes that are unoccupied for most of the year).

  5. If Gaia’s resources were shared within the parameters of each continent, hopefully thereby allowing fair-trade to take place and burning less fuel, than we could mitigate wars over the covert basis of foreign land-grabs (America & Afghanistan went to war and the usa allegedly took over the poppy fields, and now years later we have a major opioid epidemic in/on this soil). Yikes.

  6. Most women are having babies in sterilized / surgical environments opposed to at home or in midwifery clinics because male doctors use paid-for government influencers to make a case against midwives, meanwhile there’s a children’s mental hospital being built in my hometown. Do you think there might be a connection between these trends?

  7. People are so consumed with media, food and disconnected relations that they don’t notice the fact that they feel so gross and unsexy physically that they no longer want to have sex, thereby unintentionally becoming very hostile people. 😳 “incels”

  8. Birth rates are plummeting for many logical reasons (hormones in foods, bad soil, etc), meanwhile there are millions of refugee children homeless and stranded. (I see an opportunity here)

  9. The necessity for helpers to come forth to build home/schools without the influence of an organized religion or the oppressive rules of government make it nearly impossible to raise capital to facilitate such a venture.

  10. Money is the currency used to manipulate minds into adopted slavery. Everybody deserves to make enough money. It’s not a competition. It’s survival and comfort wrapped up in capitalism, choice disciplines, and other contributing factors, which creates a lot of contra-indications. Easy but costly pleasures and aesthetic desires have desensitized humans from causing rightful actions.

  11. People are tired of online-dating, they wish they could meet that someone special with the type of connection they can get excited about long-term, yet their confusion about what they think they want prevents them from getting it. (When you really love someone, you help them unpack their baggage, so that they can stay a while… it’s a time and emotional investment… and also sometimes financial). When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. The answer is always love more and be honest.

  12. Bliss comes on the other side of doing challenging things.

  13. Uninvolved grandparents produces strained family environments and relations. Many baby-boomer grandparents are stuck in their rigid thinking when it comes to how they spend their precious resources (time and money), and are thinking less about investing in the upbringing of their precious and often overlooked kin. (Look to our not-so-distant ancestors and you will see how vastly different the mentality was, and you may realize why there are so many sick people in the world)

  14. The nuclear family model has hijacked any semblance in creating a deeply connected community.

This numerical list is ongoing, fyi. I'll start the next list at 15:)

Here's my Lecture/Speech:

Psychedelic 🍄’s can help to unravel mental messes so that there’s less confusion. Experiences in sacred space can produce an instant community. (Can you guess why the penile system wants to get involved with things that illuminate governed people?) Liberty and justice for all? Can we grow, consume and play with raw nature as we choose? Can we move along borders carrying life-saving medicines without getting arrested and/or deported? Sheesh! In contrast to people who carry/sell guns and big pharma practitioners, people who carry Earth medicine are helpers on the humane unification front. Yet, it is punishable by prison or deportation if caught with sacred Earth medicina. If no one made money off of violence, do you think violence would exist to the extent that it does? If law enforcement didn’t carry guns they would have to use their wits to de-escalate a bad situation, but they’re clear out of wits, don't you think?

Being human, making mistakes, and/or showing your boobs in public is packaged as sin in the religious realm, and governments backs it all up with a "justice" system. God forbid you see boobs out in public even though they provide life force and so much un-spoken pleasure. Drink a 48oz slurpee for pleasure and enjoy your life, but walk around topless at a corner of a park and get the police called on you? What constitutes pleasure? Who gets to decide?

A judge sits on a throne and decides how un-human/indecent you are according to statutes written by men with blood-thirst hunger for land , women, and money. Oh brother!

The bottom line is you can’t make nature illegal. That’s taking it too far… I’m saying it true. When there’s money to be made people can get really strange and motivations can start to shift. When people get hungry for power the whole cookie crumbles.

The medical/pharma industries are now trying to synthesize nature to make it widely available for therapeutic use to help alleviate physical/mental/emotional pain during the end of life. It provides a sense of peace for the dying, so imagine what it can do for you if you’ve got lots of life to yet live!

But no Earth medicine for you! Unless you are accepted into clinical trials, have cancer or are dying.

What happens though if you are healthy and take Earth medicine?

Call me, I'll tell you all about it!

I’d love to get research funding to help care for children with mental health problems using my medicine… I’m not a clinical anything, that’s not my style, but I have 17 years of experience raising 3 healthy kids, and have more experience with medicine than I can articulate here so… who's got research cash and faith in me?

Isn’t it so weird that big pharma, hospitals, health insurance companies, and government are all in business together? Don't you think that's suspicious? Who's on the case?

Raw Nature on the other hand is in the “business” of healing & giving. Have you ever read 'The Giving Tree' by Shel Silverstein? If you take a look around at the unhealthy landscape of our culture, people think that popping pills will help their anxiety/depression/disease be mitigated, but aren't asking the important questions... why do I have these symptoms in the first place? How long can these pills help me before I can get a handle on things on my own? What's happens next? How well does this physician really know me?

I can tell you that the root cause is within consciousness, but it is buried under layers of denial, systematic breakdowns of truth, millennia of indigenous oppression, the government's influence on waging a war against nature, peoples familial belief systems (religious/political), etc. All these factors limit our ability to see what's good for us clearly. To question is unpopular, but it is my design to do for the sake of many.

A conclusion in question?

How can we avoid needing to be experimented upon in old age? How can we help to dissolve societal contra-indications? How can we feel sure about the way we are raising our kids? How can we dig out the nuggets of gold that are buried deep down inside of us? How can we tenderize scar tissue, so that love, fun, vitality, and great sex are the options in the buffet of our lives? How can we repair our perceptions to match what feels in alignment and good to us, outside of familial and cultural appropriations? How do we learn how to love eachother without condition or expectation?

My proposition:

We need a reprogramming. A Software Update. A (soft tissue) System Reboot. The Willingness to dissolve false beliefs. The Openness to upload connective/collective 4D // 5D consciousness (grounded in cosmic intelligence). I believe that this is the way.

Commune with nature in a sacred way. Defy the odds by taking a journey that starts with the Earth and ends with love for your life. Unravel and understand the contradictions, so that you can become aware and make tactical changes that will promote and cultivate a vivacious and attuned lifestyle.

This is a heroes journey.

An intentionally produced experience into the possibilities realm.

There is no manual to help you integrate what you learn. It is all relational. We are here on Earth to have relations (and the feelings and emotions they come with). Everything else is survival and esthetic.

It’s important to discover the distinction. I can help break it down at my level of understanding for you if you’re curious and seek to understand how you got here, and where you may like to be going.

I’m not a business woman - this is not business for me, although I’m entrepreneur-ally attuned and I'm jew-ish so there's that too!

I’m compensated for the efficiency of my efforts in a global market that disproportionately pays out high returns to fellows who seek to marginalize the vast majority of human beings. I don't know that anyone is trying to hurt or pain anyone. I'm not here to conspire against anyone. I seek to illuminate contradictions, so that life on Earth can be a wonderful place for our kids to grow up in. Being a good mother means I look beyond my own home to ensure the safety, happiness and opportunities for my offspring.

Thus, my work is an attempt to tip the scales in the underdogs favor.

How can I do this affectively? To stand in the light and describe the ways that we’ve been duped.

I’m an emotional/psychological/physical/spiritual guidance counselor.

And I’m certified.

Text me on WHATSAPP if I’m speaking your language and if you'd like to work with me (I work seasonally and in small-batch groups), or find me on Instagram where I share some corners of my mind and an occasional picture/video @ankhology411 🤗



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