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The Rainbow Party.

Living a big life and having a lasting impact has been my thing since I was little. Being brought up in schools where the arts were a major focal point of the curriculum, I got a really good head start because where there are arts, there is soul, and what is life without soul? My education was kinesthetically immersive, grandly expressive, and fun. Being brought up around the arts ensured that I got over the common (and very human) fear of public speaking, performing in front of audiences, and sharing vulnerably. Many of the people I work/play with say at first that they are not creative, and that is very sad, and ultimately not true. Creativity measures our satisfaction in life and produces immense joy in miscro and macro moments. If someone is not creative, they are lacking. If your local schools don't have art programs, volunteer, it is the most soul-full-filling endeavor you will have in life. Watching little ones express themselves fully is more nutrient dense than the healthiest smoothie on the block.

I grew up in Canada, which is a relatively liberal country. Religion is only a thing at home and at temple, abortions are performed in hospitals, if you need urgent care you don't go broke getting it. Prevention (sex education), conservation, recycling, reusing and reducing were themes I grew up with and wow am I glad, as these principles for living a conscious life have served me in being compassionate towards our Earth Mother and my role as a global citizen. During the world wars (gross and disgusting) Canada's involvement were as peacekeepers, and if you ask many Americans, Canadians are seen as weak because they are friendly and prefer to be uninvolved in matters where trauma will occur. As a country they are still reeling from the effects of the genocide of the indigenous people native to the land, and my mother reports to me daily about all the ways the Canadian government extends retributions in order appease the pain caused by idiocy, greed and cruelty from the past. At least they try.

Living in the US has taught be so much about politics, religion and policy in contrast with the way I grew up.

This country is sick. Like bad. Most of the world right now is sick because of the power systems that seek to perpetuate the industrial war machine. Countries deal in arms, and if they don't, they might get pillaged. If they work towards sovereignty, a few things could happen; they could bow out of the world economy, relying on their own resources and hoping they don't get corrupted by political agendas that would threaten their sovereignty, or they take their chances with global trading.

The US has a tendency to invade countries (for precious resources and slave labor) and use capitalism and politics as a means to justify horrible atrocities. There are many books written on the subject. Nothing new. But where there is shame and guilt, there is attack and defense. This country has lots of sacrificial blood in the soil and politicians/law enforcement poison and imprison the ancestors who slaved to make this country happen, in order to make sure there's no uprising and call for justice in retributions.

So this country is armed because we feel very insecure and fearful about ourselves as a country. We employ law enforcement officers who have shit for brains, and stones for hearts and we expect them to know how to de-escalate a situation NOT using violence. Take a mans gun away and lets see how much power he has and how he puts it to good use.

This and many other countries were enslaved to Britain, and when gaining independence from the "Motherland" they adopted the colonial mind-set which has been such a detriment to the world.

Like hot-damn. Raping and pilaging is in the patriotic blood, so to speak. Oy Vay.

People are vulnerable to the powers that be, and so they behave according to the standards set by its leaders. The leaders though... common criminals with small minds and greedy hands (at least a very big number of them).

The "penal" system is a mockery of human ingenuity, so much so that I'm embarrassed for this country. Before I hear someone say "then go back to Canada", I would say I wish it were that simple. You see my children were born here and frankly, since the US is a beacon for so many incredible things, I stand firm in hoping to be the change I want to see in the world. No country is perfect, but we have real opportunity at making it make sense, if we try.

My family still lives in Canada and the reports are pretty dire there too. The US has made its mark there in globalization by means of infusing its capitalistic model. The health care system in Canada is still in tact and provides many social programs for its citizens via high taxes. But at least its not as violent a country. Since I'm a mother of American children (they have dual citizenship) I feel it is my duty to leave the world a better place than how I found it. And oh God, is my work cut out for me!

We need a major raising of standards for how we live as a collective. The pendulum has been swinging between sick and tired, greedy and selfish for so long. We need leadership to change in order for the pendulum to swing in a new direction. People work so hard at jobs that feed their bosses pockets, never thinking that its possible to earn a decent living doing what makes them shine as well as make the world a better place for us and our kids to live. Consuming new brand trends and products has resulted in polluting our world, and wouldn't it be great if we could just stop to reuse, reduce, and recycle?

I refuse, as much as possible, to purchase anything new. And when I do, it's usually used or recycled or its art - the mental shift happened after I had my first psychedelic experience in 2015. My teenage suns like "brands" and think they're cool if they wear the latest and greatest, but I'm in their ear about how a brand doesn't make a man. Each time society tries to get a hold of my babes, I'm in their ear about the CAUSE of the intention behind the temptation. I tell it to them straight and they tire of me at times, but the seed of mother-wisdom has been planted and I know they will ponder what I've shared when it comes to making decisions that will effect them and their wellbeing in their futures and after I'm gone.

Lately I've been thinking about the presidential election and how people are putting their faith in options that are inconceivable to me. Leaders are known for being wise but I see no wisdom in our leadership. I see a mockery of human intelligence. I think we need a third party. The 'Rainbow Party', where it's an actual party. To be a part of this party you have to be raising children, because that's who we'll be leaving our country to, so we might as well make them the focal point of our policy making. Politics these daze is a dick-throwing contest (even the women seem to have them!) between angry teenagers who haven't developed full cognitive brain-function, but are trying to put their mark in where they can. The Rainbow party would invite anyone who had wisdom in the form of ideas and solutions of how to make this country become the beacon for democracy through creating policies that inspired its members to share the bounty and to bring love and logic into the playing field, so that everyone can thrive and win. The goal wouldn't be to have everyone agree with opinions and agendas, the goal would be to make things so simple that a 5 year would be able to conceive of it, resulting in peace and equanimity. The government could be responsible for a few basic things, and our taxes would go to those areas. Like education, infrascructure, and social programs that help build community unity (think farming, "Earth friendly" scientific ingenuity. If Earth is our home, and the capitalistic models means that we destroy it so that money can be made in order to have some creature comforts than are we the most selfish and stupid people with the biggest wasted brains? Yes. I don't want to blame anyone or anything, but it seems like the model in which we live is fucked.

Rainbow Party PlayBook:

Do no harm. Solutions must be based in Love and Logic. 52% Female majority to ensure no wars occur, because women were given the responsibility for carrying life, therefore are in charge in making sure their efforts aren't thrwarted by politics or ill will. Every Wednesday is Nationally known as "Hump Day" where people are encouraged to stay home to make love in whichever form they feel called, as well as encouraged to mushroom forage in their local whereabouts. Members will be required to drink plant medicine at varying times throughout the year, and will gather to ensure the divine is consciously involved in the aiding of planning and solution making for the benefit and betterment of all.

(These are just a few ideas off the top of my head)

If you wanna talk more about the Rainbow Party PlayBook and add the best ideas to the growing mound, please respond to this email. You are my people.

We can fold time and heal the world by stepping into our highest calling. But first, medicinal healing may be needed, in fact it is encouraged. You gotta let a lot of shit go (most of which is unconscious), in order to make room for what serves the spirit.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the government waged a 'war on drugs' (cause war is all its knows) against mother nature and all her allies in order to keep people numb and dumb. People drink alcohol, much to their own detriment, so that they stay dumb and justify bad decisions like infidelity and violence, while everyone behind the scenes makes big bucks while people crumble and fall. At best it can provide some people respite from their uptight nature (cause alcohol is a neuro toxin, an uninhibitor, and limits brain function). At worst drunk people can kill someone with their car, or become harsh to a child or loved one.

Can you see it? Inconvenient truth. Don't shoot the messenger.

Yet, we have to carry an MJ card, hide our mushrooms, and secretly meet-up for ceremonies in order to not get imprisoned by law-enforcement.

Fuck that shit.

I'm over it.

We have judges and juries who claim to know what's right and wrong and the whole system hinges on subjective and misinformed opinions. Gross.

All these aformentioned substances promote awareness, creativity, and illumination AND come from the ground. People are gathering together to form churches in order to practice divine rituals and rites with these medicines as foundational pillars, and I'm grateful for that. It's a great start at using the "system" to overcome roadblocks to practicing humane rights. In contrast with Canada, it is apparent that Church and State are one in the same in the US.

Love is all there is, so if it isn't love, it isn't real. However, coming to terms with this is a process, especially when you see families dying in countries because of arms deals, borders and tyranny. It's all a part of the plan. Souls descended into bodies to have a human experience, and some have horrific experiences and meet their end in unfathomable ways. Their lives are not in vain. They were here to teach us about suffering and everyone's part in the plan to help people suffer less. This requires a mass shift in consciousness and finding a balance in honoring feminine wisdom coupled with masculine action.

That is what healing work does. When we heal, we reclaim our talents as divine beings, capable of infinite consciousness (creativity) and share the bounty through purposeful work. At the same time, healing means taking responsibility for making the world a better place when we realize that the math is not mathing. This is the part most people shy away from, because it means confronting peoples beliefs that are limited in knowledge and awareness. Like for instance, speaking with my father about psychedelics sends him into a fit of rage "I DON'T DO DRUGS!", yet he reads books written by authors that promote Ayahuasca as a means of healing, but he somehow can't connect the dots on how their teachings (and mine) relates to him and his wellbeing. Doing what I do means I am constantly coming up against people's false perceptions of ultimate reality. Sad for them. And challenging for me, but I'm an Aries, so I'm always up for the challenge.

When I'm working in my Psychedelic practice I feel the pulse of the Universe in my words and at my fingertips. I want what my people want, to live fully awake and alive, while loving and being loved deeply. In my practice I help people heal, so that they can fulfill their hearts desires. And usually that involves improving their ability to relate intimately, as well as be of service to the world in impactful ways.

Sometimes people confuse the heart with the genitals, and that can be unfortunate. Just look at all the children living in orphanages and being raised by teens. Look at how infidelity rocks a relationship all because people lack the discipline to remain steadfast at avoiding temptation that would blow the house down, because they lack the communication skills to voice their desires, needs and pain. Even still, it's possible to forgive, heal and move on. We all make mistakes and its important to learn from them so that they're not repeated. Wisdom comes from a process of living, and it can't be cultivated without hardship. The divine paradox. The cost of making a mistake based on lust, ego, and greed are often fatal in some way; fatal to a connection or fatal to life. We can either learn the hard way, or we can find guidance from mentors that we feel safe to be honest with, and hopefully they provide us with wisdom on the true cost of a decision based on life experience and/or higher intelligence. I share this blurb because it's a thing right now in many people's lives. Again, alcohol can be the culprit in helping people make horrible decisions.

Take it easy, enjoy responsibly.

Thank you for reading what I've written so far.

I also wanted to take the time to let you know that my friend Rodrigo (a medicine man who lives in Ecuador) will be in town from May 8th-28th and I'm putting together a bunch of groups to journey with the medicine. This medicine is called Yahé and is the masculine version of what most people know as Ayahuasca. It is said that Grandmother Ayahusca was born from Lake Titteecaca and is the expression of divinity through matter (feminine), while Yahé is the expression of the masculine reflected in the cosmos. When we commune with Yahé we are with the winyapai - the rainbow people. The medicine is profound and impactful in ways that differ from Grandmother medicine, but the intention is the same; to journey deep within oneself in order to regain/attain spiritual sustenance and improve physical and emotional vitality. It is not an easy process, but nothing worth doing ever is. And of course I will be with you.

This medicine is my life and I hope to share sacred experiences with you.

On Sunday May 26th I will be co-hosting a Gaia Nights evening musical event and you are invited to join. There is space for 30, and the event will sell out. Please let me know if you would like to attend. These events ARE A VIBE. Like holy wow.

Let me know if you are interested in joining. Who knows, maybe we can form the Rainbow Party with the help of our Spiritual allies who are begging for the ones who are living "awake" to do more about the cause of the suffering in this world. It's time to end the automaton/zombie life so many people are living today. I'm doing my part. Are you?

Lastly, I want to share something that is unknown to most and that I've kept to myself for reasons I can't explain.

I have heard and it has been said that the Earth is going to go through a major purging process. Like Atlantis, who's technological advancements surpassed human ability to integrate it, the Great City fell under rising tides and we too are at risk of a major cataclysm of super-natural events. We are on the brink of the 6th extinction. Our technological advancements will either help or hinder our evolution, and as it stands it is hindering human-kinds ability to use it for good. There is so much hate, violence, and aggression towards innocent people - all in the name of what? Greed, corruption, religious fundamentalism, tyranny, misogyny, and terrorism that Mama Gaia will find a way to clean the bloodstained slate. Either way, its important to recognize that relying on online technology is a vulnerable move, especially when it is used to perpetuate false and destructive narratives based on religious or governmental agendas. It has been said that amongst 8 billion people worldwide that only 'One Golden Billion' will survive based on the quality of wholistic perception. Here's my chance at using technology to spread a message in earnest.

Find your tribe.

Get connected with the ones Who Know, and let's stop the insanity peacefully, for the sake of our collective future.


Marian xo

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