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The Key Elements To Living A Happy Life

It’s so simple. 

Often, it’s the things we do not prioritize, because it might compete with all the tasks that are vying for our attention.

Perhaps they were not prioritized in our homes as young children.

It’s possible that some may believe its not important, or have never had access to these elements.

The Key Elements to Living a Happy Life are, but are not limited to:

Dancing (communally or alone)

Playing/Making music (alone or with others)

Deep belly laughter (the kind that brings tears to your eyes and aches in your abdominal muscles)

In the time of our ancestors, when there was a Shaman or Wisdom Keeper in the community, and someone came to receive a healing, the first thing the patient would be asked is “when is the last time you danced? Cried from laughter? Or played music? 

These key elements are necessary for living a great life. No joke. 

Not only are they necessary, they must be at the forefront of our intentions in life. 

The problem is modern society has been hijacked by the need to accumulate and earn. 

This has become a priority for most people, and as a result many people are scratching their heads as to why they are battling with cost of living. 

The solution is so simple. 

Dance, Sing, Laugh, Play

When clients come to me with their problems, I ask them the questions above. 

They say and make excuses like, “I’m not good at that, I have no time for that, it’s not a priority in my life, I have no one to do that with, no one ever showed me how, I’m afraid I’ll look stupid, I’m not good enough”


And who says that has to remain true? It’s just a question of time before people come to see the light.

These excuses are all based in eGo, where the small self takes center stage to avoid catharsis, being seen, and healing. This is the eGo’s job. 

It’s smart to move beyond the eGo, so that you can be happy. As consistently as possible.

In some cultures, dancing and music is a part of daily life. No matter the circumstance, whether it’s a funeral or a wedding, dancing and music are mainstays in the community. It’s a part of a ritual in living an integrated life.

Last night I went dancing with my neighbor and some friends. The DJ was playing tracks from when I was in highshool. There were people of all ages and ethnicities vibing to the beat of familiar sounds. Everyone was singing their hearts out.

It felt like going to temple. The best kind, where there are no rules, and the music is God moving through us via sound vibration. 

I try to make it out dancing as much as possible, and at home there is music playing (most of the time). My daughter and I (6 years old) get crazy with our dance moves and sing out loud with each other, laughing and enjoying the quality time that costs zero dollars. I never did that with my parents, so I know my daughter won the parent jackpot. 

Playing and having fun is our human birth right. It makes all the turbulence that comes with life manageable. Without it, people become serious, anxious and depressed, sometimes even sick. It’s really sad and unfortunate and unnecessary.

In my classes, retreats and workshops play is centralized. Healing takes place in the cracks in between. Healing is a byproduct of experiencing joy and ecstasy - both human birthrights. When our cup is full, it’s easier to see where we need to focus our attention in order to progress into our next chapters of life. When we’re stuck, we may not be experiencing enough ecstasy, or nirvana.

The first time I experienced Nirvana, as an adult, was when I sang and played instruments with my Ayahuasca community. The experience allowed me to tap into “group think” for the first time. We were all connected, in the absence of eGo, I could feel us all experiencing the Diving together. We made heavenly music. No map, no sheet music, all intuition and sharing. Ahhhh, just thinking about these experiences brings a smile to my face and warmth in my heart. I wish everyone to experience it. It does a soul-body good!

Society is sick because it's so serious. People driving around in a frenzy trying to get things done 24-7, endless to-do lists, and priorities, makes people grumpy. The fast-pace life is making people miserable. It’s making people sick, and in some rare cases, people go crazy and decide to shoot up a school or grocery store. 

You know when this starts to happen things are spiraling. If only those people had a sense of community, some belly laughs, a shoulder to cry on, and the opportunity to engage with their natural talents, than it wouldn’t lead to that.

As a Canadian, I don’t get why so many people in America have the need for guns. 

Like, what are they good for? Death? Trauma? Who wants that? Guns don’t make people happy, that I know for sure!

Now dancing, singing, playing music and togetherness has all the ingredients for living a life that is delicious and happy. 

If you don’t have all these elements in your daily life, don’t worry. Just acknowledging that perhaps there is more medicine in having these experiences than you might have given credit to, may just open your awareness into how important it is to prioritize fun and playfulness into life, everyday.

That’s a goal I think we can all live with.



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