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The Divine Hour

There is a time of day that the divine wishes to have its way with us, and that time is at the darkest part of the night, before dawn. Between 3 - 5am.

For the last several days I've woken up before dawn with thoughts streaming through my head. So many words are wishing to come out about what's happening in the world, that they wake me up searching for ways to be put together to art-iculate the truth and reason that can be applied to all, without the sting of the emotion I carry with them.

In my search to string feelings and ideas together through words, my intention is to find a way to boil down truthful concepts that stimulate gentle introspection, so that we can come to an understanding that is based in holistic perception. It's not an easy process, because I'm somewhat biased. My hope is that my bias will provide a perspective that causes you to consider an alternative to what you may believe about the nature of our shared reality.

In my last post I wrote about how Nature is the original religion. It's safe and easy to worship, because there is no rule book for how that can be done and everyone is free to enjoy and commune with nature as they see fit and in a way that honors the natural home we all share. Nature's beauty, strength, and tumultuousness is something we can all agree on, and that's a start. Within nature, animals mate, create offspring, rear their offspring to maturity, and then release them into the wild. Animals are true to their nature. There are some species that have coercive sex practices where they engage in somewhat violent mating rituals, and that makes me sad, but its their nature. I don't think there's a species among the animal world that tortures intentionally. But what do we do when hostile and aggressive humans, and their idealogies/religion, threaten our collective safety and consciousness?

This is the question.

I know that violence never leads to peace, and I hope you know that too. What do we do when people who are violent cannot be reasoned with? What do we do when violence is a tool people use as a way of governing life? This is a vital question to ask.

Violence promotes fear. And fear instills feelings that can be expressed in many ways. When some people feel fear, they may want to fight back, and go against their peaceful natures in order to protect life. Others may want to run. Either way, escaping a dangerous situation is our birthright. You would't try to fight a bear, and bears can't be reasoned with, so it makes sense that you would devise a strategy that would allow you to keep your life. Survival is a base and primal need that all humans share.

What would you do if your neighbors came into your home in the night and stole your children? What would you do if you knew that the people who stole your children were raping, torturing and brutalizing them? What would you do if you found out that your daughters became pregnant from their repeated torture? How would you react? What would your strategy be to bring them home to safety?

I ask myself these questions. What can I do to help lessen the suffering of my sisters and brothers around the world? How can I help end sexual abuse and torture?

I ask myself, what would cause someone to do such a thing? The answers I come up with are...

Hate. Desperation. Negative influences. Ideology. Wanting to provoke an attack. Needing to hurt others as justification for the hurt they feel. Beastly-herd mentality. Patriarchy

Using sex a weapon of war is nothing new, as some people in my vortex would like to remind me. I'm appalled at how many people normalize this heinous act of cruelty just because its occurred for so long. I can handle a lot of things, but cruelty is not something I handle well. The fact that we live in a time where we have witnessed an astonishing amount of cruelty and violence towards innocent people over the past several millenia in the name of religion and politics has caused us to become immune to it, and the people who dictate, cause and orchestrate these happenings must be glad.

People must scan the news and say to themselves, "well, no news here! People just being people".

I have a soul-sister who is a midwife in the middle east and she services womben of every race and religion. She lives in Judea, the place where the 12 tribes of Israel come from. She's a part of an organization of Israeli and Palestinian midwives who are Mothers without borders. She has been sharing the news about what is going on in her territory from a heart-felt and inclusive point of view. Her name is Genevieve. She is the mother of three children. She is Jewish. All she wants is peace. Her shares make me weep.

On October 7th, 1200 people were murdered in Israel, and 240 were taken hostage. Genevieve is closely connected to many of the families who's loved ones were lost or stolen.

Five, among the many hostages, are young women who's family received videos of them being raped and tortured by groups of armed men. Their insides are shown bleeding out from the internal damage caused by blunt force trauma using male sex organs. The videos reveal audio of the men describing the young womben in a term in their language as 'sex slaves' and implying that their motive is to impregnate them. The horrific nature of these videos is beyond description or comprehension Their families are pleading with everyone who will listen to bring them home, they believe their girls are pregnant.

What I know is that Palestine cannot become a recognized state because its leadership is comprised of people who are willing to rape, torture, and execute innocent people in order to retain control of the region, which is never going to happen. A two party state is possible for sure! But not while there is a terrorist organization sitting at the "throne" of command. The fact that people are ignorant to this horrific truth and are actively engaging in pro Palestinean marches causes me to question the quality of people's thinking ability. You want a terrorist organization to gain more power? Are you crazy? They don't value life! Terror is their way of life! It's the opposite of democracy! The leaders of these regimes are laughing all the way into their underground torture cells at the stupidity of the world. Another inconvenient truth. What can people do instead? Shout out! 'Democracy in Palestine now'! 'Say No To Terror, Say Yes to Peace'!

According to Genevieve, and many other personal humane sources I have, say that most of the money that filters into Hamas, the terrorist organization that has many of the same ideologies as Al Qaeda (remember Osama Bin Laden?), doesn't go to organizations within the country to help build infrastructure, farms, schools, or anything at all. All the money goes to weapons, building tunnels, and keeping its own people oppressed. And they blame Jews and Americans for their woes. They're a bunch of toddlers who don't understand why they can't grow their own fruit, not realizing that they're using their fruit trees for target practice. They blame and gossip about their neighbors because unlike them, they are industrious, artful and creative. Remember that Judaism came before Christianity and Islam, and that region once belonged to the 12 tribes of Israel, that land area was called Judea.

These regimes use the testosterone of young horny men who have nothing to do and no where to learn fruitful concepts and ideas. Their leadership promises them heaven if they but just rape and torture their enemies daughters. How can this be? Remember that if 1 man has a harem of women, that means there are men with no women. An angry, hungry and lonely man that's been given permission by his leadership to steal and rape women should cause your inner alarms to ring out loud. Is this the kind of leadership you would want your State to exhibit? You would vote for that? Can you imagine having a terrorist regime rule in your neck of the woods?

This is a message for the ladies reading this.

Now, more than ever, its important to know your worth. Your body, your rules. Your heart is your strength. Take time off to bleed. Make love as often as you can. Make friends with a man who was broken by a cruel woman, and restore his faith in us as being a gentle and tender sex. Be the cause.

Personally, I find myself striving to feel as though I deserve to exist, and I live in America. One of the free-est countries in the world. I feel scared, and yet I know I am strong. But there is a fight you and I don't have enough physical strength for, so we need our men for physical and sometimes emotional protection. Not only that, we need our men to believe and to tell other men, "enough is enough, violence has gone on too long. We will not be responsible for the suffering of women, or people in general, any longer."

But ladies, do you know what it's going to take for our men to think and feel this way?

Our tenderness. Our vulnerability. Our understanding. Our patience in explaining concepts that may seem foreign to them. Our willingness to lay down our own weapons that cause men the need to protect themselves from us. If they are protecting themselves from us, they cannot protect us.

Let me provide you with an example.

I used to have a friend who spoke about men rudely, and then she wondered why her husband had an affair with his nurse. I won't say what she said, because gross. But there was a lot of competition between her and her ex-husband, as well as judgements and criticisms (it happens to the best of us at times). There were also a lot of wonderful things in their marriage, but people don't cheat when they're happy and getting what they need. They cheat when someone more tender, loving or interesting comes along and they can contrast their options with a point of view that says "I deserve to feel love and happiness". Some people cheat because they like variety and their relationship doesn't have space for that, so they do it behind their partners back. Some people cheat because their partner disrespects them.

I remember one time I disagreed with my baby-daddy's response to an issue our son experienced at school and I gave him a piece of my mind, in front of our son. We were together and not together at the same time (don't ask, I'm writing about it in my upcoming book). I stormed out of his office and felt completely justified for my attitude and behavior - I did have a valid point of view, but I learned that day that it's not what you say, but how you say it.

The following weekend was his birthday, and since the Universe works the way that it does, a lovely woman he met at a party from the past reached out in an effort to get to know him better and he invited her to go away with him on a trip for his birthday, all expenses he paid. When he got back and told me about his weekend, I naturally felt frustrated with myself for opening a door for him that I wasn't thrilled about. I learned my lesson, apologized for my attitude, admitted that I could've been gentler in communicating my feelings, and he forgave me, and I him, but it stung. His one-hit-weekend was all it was, and we both learned a lot about the Universe and each other. It's better to tread lightly on topics that garner intense feelings.

We will lose what we love if we do not take responsibility for the way we show up. And if we show up with honor, respect and dignity for ourselves, than we'll be ok in life and in our relationships.

Back to my old friend:

We were both single, post separation, and she wanted to help me learn the "ropes" about men and dating, since I'd been out of the loop for a long while. She is 6 years older than me.

Ultimately, she had nothing to teach me, and anything I tried on, as per her suggestion, felt so inauthentic to me. She was bitter, resentful towards men, and I wanted nothing to do with that type of energy. Her moves had a motive and the motive wasn't necessarily love. Sometimes it was to use.

I can see why some men don't trust women and this short example is one reason. Men know when a woman is trying to manipulate them, if they are wise. My own mother is very loving towards men and has never said a negative thing about them, as a sex, in my life, so when my friend tried to project the games she plays with them onto me, I could not digest it. Games are meant to be fun power plays, and where love is concerned it doesn't have to yeild a winner or a loser. Love is best when its mutually given and received. In any case, she and I are no longer friends. In actual fact, she did a lot of damage to my life - I am still healing from some of the pain she caused because I believed, to some degree, that she knew better than me. And the sad reality is, there are many misinformed women who are ruining it for the ones who are wanting to get it right.

I embarked on my own quest in finding out how to be the best womban I could be, so that I could have more good loving in my life, and also to help impact others positively. I learned that a lot of the problems we face in the world leads back to the relationship we have with ourselves and eachother. If womben felt as though they didn't have to suffer in order to exist (Patriarchy), then they could be more loving and gentle. But the truth is womben are having to raise their consciousness to a place where we feel we have the right to our bodies and our needs, free from violence and aggression - this is a daily conversation with myself "Marian, you deserve to feel safe and seen in this world, do not be afraid to shine your light of truth and honesty". But it's really hard.

We can't have peace so long as men aren't willing to see their part in the current story, and until they are willing to admit they can be more helpful in helping us to attain the rights to our bodies, instead of having them be determined by a male-ruling government body. Maybe men will listen to other men? Until everyone is safe from violence and physical aggression our shared world will have very big problems. Humans, with our big brains, somehow cannot create new, higher standards of moral living? Who can deny that hiStory is filled with too much pain? It's unnecessary! Let's do it differently.

The divine hour enlisted me this morning to try to find a simple and gentle way to say, please, take care of each other, and beware of hate, division, and terror. When scrolling through media, decipher the messages with your heart, and you'll be able to tell what is AI generated, what causes division, what is informative, what is expansive, and what is good for you. Your heart knows best.

Choose and be leaders with heart and soul!

When we can find common ground, we will have no need for weapons. A world with no violence is possible, but it will take a new wave of consciousness to sweep through the mindsets of low-vibrational people, and the only way to do that is with a peaceful approach to dialoging. Most people only know how to monologue. Dialoging is a lost art, that we have to take up again and learn anew.

You will find the divine where:

-Nature is nurtured and respected

-Children are safe to learn, to play, to express joy

-Women are safe to learn, to play, to express joy and their reproductive needs are honored and cared for

-Men are champions of honorable actions led by the grace that comes with knowing all are equal and deserving of kindness and respect, and the need for physical force is only warranted to protect life.

-You hear music and/or the sound of nature

-There is artistic freedom

-There is equal opportunity

-High Learning is accessible

-Values are based-in honoring life

-People take responsibility for their lives, in the good times and in the bad

Go through the list of cultures and countries and see how this list compares to their reflective realities and you will know who needs an upgrade.

Some ideas for solving the problem of hate and division:

  1. Get connected by inviting someone (maybe new) to your home for dinner and getting to know their origin stories. Allow them to help you cook and clean up afterwards.

  2. Meditate - hold a vision of someone you know who is misinformed and spreading ignorance. Imagine them being cloaked in the arms of the Buddha. With each hug, the person in your vision releases the false beliefs they carry, and a higher truth takes root in their consciousness. Entering through their crown, and cascading down their vertebrae, towards their root chakra, activating all chakras in between. The higher truth is that all people are created equal, and no one may take another's Will away from them, in any form, or in any way. Each person is directly responsible for their reality, and they have within them the ability to change their perception to include peace, love, understanding and kindness.

  3. Start asking yourself questions about your perception on a matter, and see if you can come up with your own answers using love and logic, ie "where did I learn this stereotype? What did my parents say about (fill in the blank)..." Maybe your answers will line up with the modern narrative, maybe there will be a disconnect, maybe you'll find a perspective that is objective and holistic outside of what you've been fed by the outside world.

  4. Get involved with people and organizations that serve children, and surround yourself with them. They are our greatest teachers, and are at the most at risk of being influenced by our sick world.

  5. Shop at ethnic stores and see what the shopkeepers have to say about certain matters. Become a journalist for your own self-development. Share your findings.

  6. Try to find the names of every President in the world and see what the ratio is of Men leading vs Womben (this will give you some insight into the issue of imbalance)

  7. Be open to using Psychedelics as a tool for self-inquiry and problem solving.

There are so many ways to raise our vibration, and enter into a state when we feel clear about complex things. Once we can get clear, we can create a strategy on how to live what we've learned. That's a part of the integration process. For instance, I have a new client that is an ex-mormon. He hates mormons now, because he believes the religion ruined his mental and emotional health. He never felt like he belonged, and that feeling created a connection wedge between him, his family and his community. Because he had no voice growing up, he married a woman that dominates him and emasculates him, reinforcing his feeling of worthlessness. My work with him is to teach him how to speak and think for himself using love and logic. When his wife enters the room with scathing words that bite, he has been instructed to say "I don't like the way you're speaking to me, and if you continue to do so, I will be forced to leave. Would you like to try speaking to me again?" The effects of this boundary and confidence is powerful.

His wife is weary of me in working with her husband, and I don't blame her because she is having to see her ugly self in contrast with the kind and respectful nature I treat him with, and that is causing things to change. I'm teaching my client how to engage in productive dialogues that foster awareness and connection. He hired me to help him integrate all the psychedelics he's done, but doesn't know what to do with the knowledge he's received, in order to create a life he can feel proud of. It's hard for him to feel proud of his being-ness when his wife is constantly criticizing and berating him, which is a modern reflection of how he felt as a child within his religious community.

We will recreate the pain we experienced from childhood in order to heal from a wound we don't know about. Our subconscious mind will create perfect scenarios and circumstances in order to give us the chance to rise from the past and seek a soul-fulfilled future that we design with our own consciousness.

In conclusion, I invite you to take responsibility for what you hold. No matter what you are facing, it is yours. And if you love what you are holding, than you are well and blessed. If you do not love what you are holding, step away from your current point of view and be no-thing for a while.

Look forward, with the eagerness of a child, to invite experiences that bring you positive vibrations. Positive people and experiences are your breadcrumbs to living a life that is destined for you.

Hate, worry, fear, and despair are wounds wanting and waiting to be healed. Each time a person embarks on their healing process, the collective consciousness expands, and maybe that means one violent beast changes their nature. Healing does every body good.

I pray that the next time you arrive at the divine hour, you know what you need to do.

Help bring our loved ones home.


Marian xo

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