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The Age of Aquarius

"Yes, it is time for a Messiah. A Wayshower, who will once again remind us of the basic lessons of love they taught before, so soon forgotten. For it makes no difference how far an individual or a nation has fallen into error; love will bring a renewed dedication to humanity. Just as it makes no difference how far away someone has gone, for love will bring a return. As poet Emmet Fox noted, when it is projected with sufficient intensity, there is no distance that love cannot span, no illness-moral, mental, emotional, or spiritual-that love cannot heal. No victory that love cannot win. Love is concentrated kinetic energy, the most awesome force in Nature... beyond Her.

If only you could love deeply enough and sustain love long enough, you could become the source of your own miracles, as powerful as the ancient "gods and goddesses." There is no dream you couldn't turn into a reality, no law you can't change, no situation you can't reverse- if only you could love enough.

Loving enough is not easy. Loving enough doesn't mean loving only those who love you, who are kind and considerate and generous. Loving enough means also loving those who "say all manner of evil against you," who hate you and actively demonstrate that hatred, who seemingly lack all compassion and sensitivity. Anyone can return the love of those who love him -or her. There's little glory or power in that kind of love. We are incarnated in these flesh bodies on Earth to learn love's deeper, more difficult lesson of loving the unlovable. In this accomplishment lies all the force and energy of true passion. More often than not, it's a painful effort, but the rewards, when it's mastered, are . . . beyond imagining. Never mind unnecessary religious "canonization" -you, too, can become a "saint"- if you can love enough."

-Linda Goodman, Love Signs

This weekend, while facilitating Zen Tarot and Astrological Love Sign combinations at the Ogden Tattoo convention, I experienced holy shit (a combo). I don't want to waste your time explaining the details, but I will say that energy doesn't lie, and I had to do my best to create a vortex of love and protection around me while surrounded by the blood-fest ink show.

I sat in my little corner in the hallway (for 10-12 straight hours) and delivered the best I could to singles and couples who yearned to understand their path better using all the tools in my toolbelt. If I was doing it for the money, I wouldn't have done it at all. Money doesn't motivate me; impacting people's lives does.

What I noticed is that people are lost. Their waistlines tell me their stories. The quality of their skin tells me their stories. The way they speak to their children tells me their stories. Their cool and distant demeanors tell me their stories. Their inability to make and hold eye contact tells me their stories. The herd has no shepherd. As a Shamama, I sense what people aren't saying, and feel/sense the energy of a person. My wish is to connect with the deepest part of their being-ness, to soften their cool exterior shell, so that they will reveal what's truly going on. It takes vulnerability. Most often, people don't have a clue about what ails them, but to me, it is very obvious. A lack of love and understanding. It's no one's fault.

The people my Psychedelic practice has been attracting fall into the sick and lonely psychonaut category. Mostly men. I welcome them with an open mind, heart, and spirit. They are either married and bored, single and lonely, or are confused about their sexual orientation due to a religious upbringing. What I've noticed is that the men in my practice enjoy exploring their consciousness, and have a hard time relating to others about what they understand and observe. They're smart and want to exercise their field of interest with someone. My connection to them provides trust and understanding because I too live in the multi-verse realm, however, I am an embodied woman and the exchange between us elicits warmth, care, and compassion which facilitates healing. Often my people come to me because they are in pain; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

One of the first questions I ask my people is "When was the last time you had supreme quality, connected sex?". The floodgates open. We're off to the races.

For any of you reading this, having opinions, know that humans are designed to make love. If you're not making it when you want to, something might be wrong. It's my work to instill the practice of self-inquiry, so that answers can come forth, and from there solutions are born. Guess what? If you have an illness and feel self-conscious about it, you may not want to make love. So do you babysit your illness? Or find a cure for it? Guess another what? Prescription medications don't cure anything... they make matters worse. Let's argue about it. Nature has all the answers. These are facts.

All disease stems from the mind. The body manifests disease due to poor-quality thoughts. Covid is a seismic virus that reflects the turmoil of our world. As above, so below, as within, so without. The human population has become a parasite on this beautiful planet, so She does her cleansing work. The only way to thwart disease is to become aware; requiring purity of the heart and clarity of mind, becoming open for loving enough. It's easier than you think and may require relational support, and possibly psychedelics to rapidly assist the process.

The other thing I notice in my people is that they are, at first, addicted to many things to self-soothe. No judgment. But if a person wants to heal and be open to love (in all its forms), we've gotta take a look at the coping mechanisms. Not an easy thing to do, but very necessary. How does a person fill their time once they've abandoned the addictions (and all the excuses that come with them?); human connection, laughing, playing, naturing, learning, writing, singing, creating, championing, collaborating, and togetherness... to name a few. Technological devices have replaced human connection and people are in dire straits as a result. It's too easy now to isolate, which goes against the humane principle of needing warm connections to make life worth living. Soaring suicide rates among men and teens testify to the absence of unmet human needs.

Women are natural caregivers and nurturers, however, male-dominated religious ideologies and oppressive government institutions have thwarted women's natural inclinations detrimentally, and we are all suffering as a result. I am not a feminist, I am an embodied woman. There is a difference.

I know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach (his primary mind), a soft glance, a warm caress across the chest, sentimental gestures of care and appreciation, initiating love-making after a hard work-day to lighten the load. If women take-up the initiative to cause the loving-ness, their men's behavior will reflect the effect of the loving effort and intention. It's just like that. It's simple. Break-ups are all too common because of the self-centeredness of each individual.

My work this past weekend mostly involved reading astrological profiles to the couples and singles who sat down with me. My soul sang as I performed readings to the array of people who wanted to know how to love each other better. I pointed out better ways of relating and sharing personal stories of my past so that I could be not only relatable but completely honest and authentic about my triumphs and foibles as a way of teaching what to do and what not to. Again, healing is relational.

On January 20th pluto entered the sign of Aquarius, and will remain there, for most of 20 years, ruling an entire generation. It's time to break rules, rebel-rouse, and seek the ideal in everything, starting with ourselves, positively and deeply penetrating our relationships, and breaking down systems that seek to keep things small and stagnant. It's time.

Here is my number, 801.580.2705. Use it if you'd like me to read your astrological love sign combination with a current or past lover so that you can better understand the cosmic plan and situation, and so that unnecessary pain can be thwarted, and divine inspiration can take place. Donations are welcome.

Plan on : 15 minutes or so.

"And so, may the Force... of Love... be with you. May it prevent the predicted cataclysms of Nature, as well as the personal cataclysms of separation and divorce, through its prism of Light", - Linda Goodman


Marian xo

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