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Psychedelics are life's cheat sheet!

When I was a kid in Canada we learned relational awareness through the teaching of feelings at school: The warm fuzzies = good. And the cold pricklies = stay away. We learned how to gauge how a person made us feel in our hearts and bodies, and then how to act accordingly.

It was a simple strategy to decide who was good for you and who you needed space from. The strategy taught us kids how to know when to remove ourselves from a situation that didn’t “feel” good and to honor the relationships that felt authentic and nutritive. Trusting our gut, our intuition, honing into our internal gps, was the goal of the teachings. I all but forgot about this easy and simple strategy until recently, when I came up against someone who continually gave my the cold pricklies and I “felt” stuck and in a corner. Then a friend recommended a book called The Vortex, by Abraham Hicks. And the memories of my childhood school experience came flooding back to me. And not a moment too soon!

This method is smart because when you are being mistreated, you have to tune into yourself… in the moment - are we freezing, fighting, flighting, fawning, or friending? Are we the ones mistreating ourselves? Through hurtful and harmful internal dialogues? I sure hope not! But is sometimes the case.

There’s an inquiry that needs to happen. When we’re little, hopefully we can come to our parents when we feel threatened at school or on the playground. Our parents may give us tools, or intervene.

As adults we have to ask…

Why is this happening? What is my part? What have I said or done that would elicit a response like this? What is my pattern? Am I aware of what’s really going on?

Well lots of people grow up as kids being subjected to bad or mean-spirited behavior that breaks a persons spirit over time. So when that kid grows up, feeling bad “feels” normal. The soul yearns for something more. The universe conspires to send us messengers who assist our growth and development -in all the ways. The ones who are warm and fuzzy are the keepers. Respect and kindness are natural byproducts of these types of connections. Joy and elation follow along with building trust to be ourselves in authentic ways; in the presence of a loving and supportive cheering squad. It’s healing when we’re near the warmth of a person who cares about us sincerely and whole-heartedly. This is where our Soul meets our Spirit, or higher-self, or holy spirit… pick what you like to call it. The goal is to create resonance of Soul bodies. We may appear to be separate people, but we behave as though we are made of the same beautiful stuff. This is connection at its finest.

When the cold prickles prevail for too long, we can feel bound, stifled, heavy, depressed, unmotivated, unsatisfied and uninspired. Bad, bad, not good.

If a person has become detached from their wild instinctual nature for too long, the body, mind, and spirit decay. If there aren’t nutritive people in the immediate vortex of our lives, our hearts harden and what is the point to life if we aren’t loving? If you don’t use it, you lose it baby!

We cannot grow and blossom in hostile environments (internal or external). It’s not possible. But that is the first clue-in that change is needed, at any cost. The Soul knows there is a better way. It’s our work to listen to the yearnings of our Soul-body.

One has to be a warrior in order to protect and defend the health of our Spirit.

When a person can’t feel their spirit for long periods of time, something is wrong.

Action needs to be taken - calculated measures are a must.

There is an energetic leak somewhere. Who or what it is, is the mystery to be solved.

If a person has a hard time experiencing or creating joy, this can also be called depression.

Not knowing what to do creates anxiety. Wanting to feel better, but being unable to, creates sadness and even madness.

It’s heavy bizness.

My buzzness or Psychedelic practice targets these inner demons that were created to protect a hurt child.

I play with demons for my vocation.

It’s weird, and miraculous.

I have been with people who met their “demons”, understood why they’re there and set them free. It is breathtaking to behold. This process required Earth Medicina to help unveil the truth for the people in my practice, with my care, aid and experience in tow.

Shamanism is like that. Understanding dark and light forces, getting to the root of the matter, creating alchemy in the middle, in order for the Spirit to shine through for life!

Walking the line between the topside world and the underworld.

Ego & Spirit making love for the benefit of all.

Moving past limiting beliefs, reworking one’s truth in order to receive new patterns of thought - it’s a continual practice. And it requires solid support, tenderness and a lot of care and vulnerability.

The proof that my active role as a Shamama in the lives of the ones I help can be measured in a significant increase in synchronicities, relational satisfaction, and expanded self-awareness.

If I may be so bold to say… I have the power to improve other people’s livelihood to a substantial degree. And I say, It’s easy for me!

The step most people have to overcome is their fear of what they've heard surrounding Psychedelics, AND letting go of the control they want to maintain. To be blunt, losing control is a requirement for life satisfaction. The thing that you fear most, is the thing that will set you free. When we’re journeying, I am with you. I am there in body and spirit. All is revealed. Nothing is withheld. Together we come to an understanding you could not reach by yourself. It is a divine relational experience. It is safe to "go there".

I invite you to experience your chosen destiny, to walk your own path, to live your life fully alive and awake.

My goal is to see you how you want to see yourself… ideally. The demons get in the way of that process sometimes. They’re not all bad. They serve an important purpose in the individuation process; where you learn that you have choices in how you want to think and feel - what I'm inviting you into is to discover who you want to be and then supporting you in becoming that person.

That’s why GG (Gaia & God) invented Psychedelics. Psychedelics are NOT drugs, like my Papa calls them. He’s a genius and also clueless about some things (what a boomer!).

Psychedelics are life’s cheat sheet for anyone who listens to the wind and to wisdom. They carry the truth within them. They’re good for hard times, bad times, good times, soul revival times, friendship times, healing times, and making love times. Not all the times. But sometimes!

And when you do it right, it becomes a part of your being-ness. And you may enter into a community of people who “get it”. Oh what a feeling! Let's change the World together, can we? But first... heal to make space for what's to come.

Please note: Governments cannot ban nature or make Her illegal. That should be illegal 😂

There is no punishment for communing with nature and the divine. Soon enough, these life-saving medicines will be recognized for what they are… treasures! #safetyfirst

PSA: Between November 15th & December 1st I am offering you the opportunity to receive 50% OFF a 9-week Self-Discovery and Healing-Journey with me as your GUIDE, or Shamama:)

Invest in yourself instead of China’s economy for goods sold this holiday season.

Your life will take on more meaning and nourishment than any product or experience sold under the sun. Tell your people that you are opting out of consumerism this year, and by the New Year you will have much more to offer yourself, your people, and the World, than trivialities and chachkees. The world needs your ideas, genius, talents, and healing. Invest in that!

Calculate the cost of our exchange below and follow next steps accordingly:

Step 1: Take your age and add two 00’s (ex. 44 yrs old = $4400)

Step 2: Divide by 2 or 50% (ex. 53 yrs - 50% = $2650 or $294 x 9 weeks) - Offer Expires December 1st

Step 3: Book a Connection Call or Text Me @ 801.580.2705 to schedule a time to chat!

Step 4: Mentally prepare your body for La Dieta (I will provide ceremonial instructions)

Step 5: Tell your people what you are embarking upon and ask for support - judgment free zone

Step 6: Be Proud of Yourself for making the decision to learn and grow beyond what most people know!

Step 7: Prepare to take 2-3 hours/per week journaling/reading & communicating/meeting with me:)

Step 8: Get ready to have the time of your life!

Please note: There will be opportunities during our 9 weeks together to participate in Yahé or Ayahuasca ceremonies. Be sure to mention your interest in them during our connection call.

I am located in SLC, UT

I look forward to hearing your voice and learning about you and your needs.

Aho & Amen

Marian xo

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