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Psychedelic Matchmaking

When it comes to career choices, I feel like I've got it made. My bosses are God and PachaMama (they're lovers didn't you know?). Together they help to steer me in the right direction to perform my tasks in alignment with what I believe the world needs; which is love, connection, compassion, and a healthy reverence for our planet.

I'll be honest though, it's hard to get the word out about what I do because it's uncommon. But I don't let that stop me. Most people have never considered having a psychedelic experience, let alone allow themselves to get vulnerable enough to admit that they need help finding love. I'm here to tell you that its absolutely understandable to feel afraid to put your heart out into the world hoping that someone will ignite the flame of passion and friendship. All that good stuff brings up elation, excitement and lots of discomfort. Ram Dass says that it's important to sit with all the feelings. Pain and pleasure come and go, and they allow us to feel ALIVE!

Some people live like they are dying. I see it everyday. They're holed up in their little house boxes waiting for life to happen to them, instead of causing their life to happen! It happens often in middle age, when people get into their routines and there's little that can be done to shake-up the familiar territory.

Before I had my awakening life was happening to me. I was not causing it to happen. I was unaware. I was at the mercy of other people's opinions, choices, whims, behaviors and actions. In retrospect, I was enslaved by my own ignorance. The awakening process never stops, but sometimes we need help to get it going, and that is caused by taking risks and letting the right people into our worlds. We know they're right for us because we feel expanded, open, receptive, heard, seen, warm and fuzzy... even a little uncomfortable sometimes. I love and long to connect people to themselves and each-other, so that life can blossom and be shared amidst endless possibilities.

To help me grow my Psychedelic Matchmaking practice, I signed up as a provider on a website called - I've enlisted all of the people I've worked/played to submit reviews to help me improve my chances of finding people who need what I've got to give. I get goose-bumps when I think of my life in terms of successfully connecting people in ways that support their Spirit.

Here's what some of them had to say!!!

I'm here for all of you.

How can I help you?

This upcoming weekend I'm hosting an Ayahuasca retreat with a Shaman whom I adore and look up to. There is room for you if you are interested in taking a deep dive. You will need to contact me asap, and adhere to a diet that will help your body and soul prepare for the journey.

Next month I'll be rolling out 'A Zen Guide To Moving On' to help people (and myself) get over hard stuff in a FUN and PROfound way - which are my two favourite things! I'm thinking about how to offer the 36 step guide in a way that will elicit a lot of community connection. Still waiting for the ideas to materialize in a way that feels right. Sit tight! It's coming!

Sending big hugs your way,

Marian xo

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