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Once upon a time...

There was peace in the world.

People lived in harmony with wild nature.

Things were simple.

Children played in order to learn.

Elders taught through storytelling.

Time was measured by the dance between light and dark, warm and cool.

People knew that life was a process of growth and decay.

There was nothing to judge, except where the sun and the moon were located in the sky.

Life was poetry.

An exaltation of existence.

Then one day, things changed.

People began to question the nature of existence and set out on a quest.

The seeking gave people a new purpose.

It was exciting.

They came upon personal differences that changed the way they viewed the world around them.

And so they began to integrate what they learned.

They learned about concepts like possession, pride, and prejudice.

Slowly, their harmonious and balanced nature began to erode.

Conflict escalated.

Communities were dismantled.

People became engulfed in suffering.

The suffering was given a name.


Ego trail-blazed for millenia.

Destroying all that was beautiful, all that was sacred.

Ego took joy in taking hostages, and watching children weep.

Ego burned down its own home, and laughed at the destruction it caused.

Ego could not be satiated.

The more suffering it caused, the more power it received.

People watched. Selfishly immobilized.

Hypnotized by its force.

Fortunately, there were those who remembered a time when all was well.

Before ego took over wild nature.

And they refused to be forsaken.

They gathered together to invoke the spirit wisdom of The Feathered Serpent.

It revealed the antidote to the plague of eGo.

A healing elixer that caused eGo to simply dissolve.

The process; harrowing.

The spirit of the Feathered Serpent asks for presence in exchange for guidance.

The way to receive its wisdom is to honor the call, open the heart, and to trust its message.

The vast majority of people cannot do this, for the ego has taken hold of their nature.

However, there are few who are called towards fulfilling their destiny in the great divine plan.

The call can come in the form of person, a curiosity, a pain, a suffering, or a longing for meaningful togetherness.

There is no room for cynics.

The cure is offered to the humble and to the brave.

The gifts are divine. The blessings are eternal.

Do you feel the call to serve in the Great Divine Plan?

Grandmother Tree & The Feathered Serpent

Ayahuasca Embodiment Journey

March 29th-April 1st - Southern Utah - Gorgeous Nature & Stunning Accommodations

Maestra Aya & Shamama Marian - at your service.

Please join us by simply replying to this message.

Aho, let's go!

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