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My Dream For Our Future

Happy Monday, everyone. Thank you for reading and being open to my shares. 

Sharing my thoughts with you brings me a lot of joy, because I know that on some level we are connecting. And all I want in this life are deep and meaningful connections. 

In 2018 I started a Podcast called ’The Path To Eden’. This was also the title of my Instagram page that was dedicated to sharing the intelligence of plant medicine. 

The story goes I told a friend I respect and admire about a piece of land I found in an area :45min from my home, my plans for the podcast, and asked her what her opinion was on the title of my chosen media outlets and she squealed in delight at it all. She told me to go for it, and that in time, I would have the land, the community, our Eden.

I released 5 episodes after learning the grueling and complex intricacies of the GuitarBand app, jumped through all the hoops in getting it uploaded, found the people to interview, shared it, etc. It was exhausting and thrilling. Less than 6 months after seeing the land and starting up the podcast, I separated myself from my was-band. I could no longer tolerate my life, and so I created space for myself to gain clarity, apart from my partner. It was gorgeous and painful at the same time.  

In hindsight, this could be seen as “self-sabotage”. I used to be great at messing up my own goals and plans due to external heartache. To be fair, I had a 9 month old little baby, and two young suns. Admittedly, I was a co-dependant, and am still a gigantically massive empath. After drinking the medicine, the suffering of the world became my problem to solve, in my way, in any capacity I could think of. For the sake of my children’s future, and everyone else’s too.

The podcast was going to be one way that I could attract the right people into my vortex through the sound of my voice, and the intelligence I passed along about Nature and Her Miracle cures - I was, and am still, interested in raising thought leaders.

My vision is to create a piece of heaven on Earth, with like-minded individuals who have natural gifts and talents, with a passion to live life to the fullest, while honoring our Earth Mother in every thinkable and feel-able way possible. 

I envision a place where we earn our living doing the things that inspire us, collectively, while enjoying the company of our friends, family and children. To be surrounded by water in nature with mountains and friends is my path and sacred purpose and goal.

In 2022 I opened a small community center with a dear friend, in hopes that it would lead to this path. There are so many ways to get there, but having the right people is key. When you have the right people surrounding you and believing in your vision, everything is possible. But I got burned out by the bills, and all the hats I had to wear, the stress of it wore me out even though the work was exhilarating. I bit off too much and didn’t have the capacity or resources to carry on. No problem, only a small detour from the vision.

I began again.

I received the vision in many forms over many years. 

In 2017 my family spent 4 months in Europe, toured many regions of France in a camper, and during that time participated in many Ayahuasca ceremonies with my fellow Shamanic apprentices. It was then that I felt, through learning, how to live in community. It was then that I tasted the sweet nectar of Eden.

There were roughly 18 of us in a dwelling no larger than 1k square feet. Some slept in hammocks connected between trees, some slept in the attic, on the couches, on the grass.

Everyone found their place. We cooked, cleaned, played, sang, yoga’d, adventured, healed and grew together. My family was the only one who had or brought our children. Each day over the period of several weeks, I learned what it meant to share, everything. It was incredible. The experience opened my eyes to an alternative reality of how life could be lived. There was so much together-ness. There was also space for solitude and deep introspection. It was perfect. There were so many people with whom my children could interact and learn from and play with. My shamanic community, whole-heartedly, adored my family and cared for our needs as a family. We gave back in the form of love and care too, sharing our hearts and resources with those who were less fortunate than we were.   

Our teachers invited us to move to Costa Rica, where we could all live together and expand our community base, based in Earth Wisdom and indigenous teachings. I was sold.

During that time, I became pregnant with my daughter (while in France) and the idea of moving to a foreign country scared me. I wasn’t ready for that kind of move. Something in my subconscious told me that it wasn’t the right move for my family. 

I listened to my inner voice, and decided to stay put stateside to have my baby and make a plan that felt more in alignment. 

Since then I’ve been on a mission to helping people connect with their highest truth, while making space for their healing. These two things happen simultaneously. What’s so interesting, is almost everyone I’ve worked with yearns to have community. Yet they know little about what that would look like in their lives, but they know that they want it. This is evolution and natural human instinct combined together, for good reason. 

We are not meant to live in singular family dwellings. We are meant to live in community, with multi-generational wisdom available to the collective, in close proximity. Society being what it is, has drilled into our consciousness that it’s every man for himself, and to figure out how to survive with the demands of a rapidly changing landscape, and that is creating more of a divide. Add social media, politics, and religion and we’ve got a mental mess going on. 

I’m here to tell you that there is another way. It’s radical, but it’s necessary. And that is taking the time to consider what it would mean to have community in your personal and daily life. A group of peoples who care about the collective, more than they do about their singular needs. Because when we are in community, all our needs can be met, not by one person, but by all. If this seems radical to you, I’m glad, because it is a big departure from the way we are living.

The most important element in having a thriving and peaceful community is the practice of ceremony and ritual. This space in time allows each person to commune with no-thing separating them from one another. It’s sacred. It’s necessary. It’s divine. 

Have you ever had an experience where you felt so connected that you felt yourself dissolve into a collective pool of love and understanding? From this place of interconnectedness all things are possible. It’s the deepest form of meditation possible, because although you are your own individual being, you are able to experience others not as separate beings. 

Would you like to have this experience? Are you willing to drop the “little self” in exchange for something far greater? Are you willing to become initiated into higher intelligence? If so, I am glad and fortunate to be on this path with you.

You are being called - will you pick up the phone?

This morning I woke up to the idea of inviting 6 individuals who are looking for a paradigm shift, in sacred space, using Earth medicine. It’s in this space that I will bring to our collective attention the vision I have for building a community with people who are ready to live in a more aligned way, sharing resources, sharing care & love, sharing the future. It’s in sacred space that we are initiated into the realm of seeing beyond the illusion, and invited into perceiving each other with our full open hearts.

If you would like to be one of the 6 people to adventure with me in guiding you into unknown territory, please let me know by replying to this email. This is the first step to actualizing the deep and intrinsic voice that stirs you to expand your vision of reality. 

You will need courage. You will need strength. You will need trust. These are the goodies that will lead to your personal, and our collective Eden. The Universe wants what you want, but if you don’t know exactly what that is, you may need to dig a little deeper, and this is your invitation to do so. 

The cost is nominal in contrast with what you will achieve, create, and manifest. There is space for 7 (including me) in a small cabin that belongs to my family.

This is personal. 

You are on this email list because you have participated in some form, in some way with my path and calling. We are not strangers. We are connected. Are you willing to be seen?

Freedom awaits you,




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