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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match...

Greetings and salutations, dear Sangha.

Q: What do tattoos, sex magic, and psychedelics all have in common?

A: They allow you to enter into an altered state, and thus undergo a form of transcendental initiation.

This upcoming weekend I have the GREAT privilege of working alongside Sorcha @BlackTalonCrystals at the , where I'll be providing Tarot readings, Psychedelic Counseling, and Matchmaking services. I haven't been this excited since my last orgasm (this morning).

There is a real tear in the fabric of our global reality and when I think about the possibilities of the future, my need to foresee it from a loving and logical place, tells me to invest in people and tangible experiences, in real time and space. I invest my time and resources in being able to reach out and touch someone, so to speak.

Our digital world is very fragile. And so are people these daze. There are wars everywhere in the external world, and that is a reflection of our internal world, because of the rigid systems we are governed by, as well as the loss of connection to our Earth. Nothing reveals our sacred connection to Gaia like Earth Medicine does... and it's illegal. But not for long as I have something to say about it.

It's time for a big and radical change. And that change begins inside every one of us when we become illuminated on matters where we have been ignorant.

History is canceled. Patriarchy is canceled. Consumerism is canceled. War is canceled.

It's time to ride the waves toward the Age of Aquarius and welcome Spiritually and Intellectually aligned perceptions, ideas, and actions, based on Love and Logic. It's about that time!

And there's no time like the present to let you know that I started writing a book several months ago that I hope will change the world in the ways I believe are necessary. I'm very excited about it and it's a slow, but steady process. My book will highlight the teachings, insights, and lived experiences from the lens of my relationship with the Madré Ayahuasca and Fantastic Fungi and how these magnificent medicines have lived in my life and those whose lives I have touched.

This weekend I'm gonna get the chance to meet with hundreds of people who are looking for hope, inspiration, togetherness, purpose, intimacy, art, ink, and love and it's my goal to make many unions for the sake of friendship, intimacy and all other forms of connection. When I help people recognize their patterns, based on the information and experiences they provide me with, I can make changes to their perceptions and behaviors that welcome real intimacy, with Spiritual Medicine as our foundation for personal growth. The devil can no longer exist in the presence of warmth and love. Once you get the help you need to get over yourself, you can invite ecstatic union with others.

For instance, when I was using dating apps, several moons ago, I specifically stated that I was a Psychedelic Woman, and that allowed all possible suitors to recognize that characteristic in me, which allowed for instant connection and soulful understanding. I don't do small talk, I wanna dig deep and get to the root of the fruit, so to speak.

I'm currently matchmaking two people who have become very dear to me, and I just know they are gonna hit it off. I know them on a soul level and they're looking for the same thing and are in similar stages in life. When I speak to each of them separately, they describe the other as an ideal match, so my work is easy... all I have to do now is set it up, and of course, neither of them will know when or where it will happen. I am in the process of curating the perfect environment and experience for their connection to take root and I'm not attached to what kind of connection it will be. I hope that they feel their connection instantly (like I did with each of them), enjoy each other's presence, become friends, get to know one another deeply over time, have hot connected sex, travel the world together, and relish in the joy of being in the company of each other's children and grandchildren. Whether any of that will happen isn't my buzzness, but I will do everything in my power to help each of them get what they want out of life. That is my pledge.

Dating apps are meh. Meeting new people based on a connection from a mutual Shamama is smart and fun!!! If you're single, I got you! If you're married and bored, I got you! If you're sick and tired, I got you! If you yearn for community and purpose, you've got me to introduce you to a soul tribe of spiritual rebels waiting to collaborate in life with you. I have so many tools and ideas on how to help my people get out of their heads, their pasts, and their futures, and instead become soul-embodied, which is where miracles and opportunities abound.


Having me as your matchmaker means that the people/connections I introduce you to are in alignment with who you are at a soul level, not to mention they will have had the time to revel in illuminating experiences that are necessary to meet you at the highest level. Psychedelics help to elevate and upgrade your system software, so that you can file away what's been problematic and hurtful and invite what is soulful. I'll be your liaison through the whole process and what we can create together, in our psychedelic community, will blow your mind and make the angels sing.

This last bit is an invitation to you...

Come see me at the Winter Festival Tattoo Convention in Ogden for a Zen Tarot reading, Psychedelic Guidance, and or/Matchmaking. You can decide how deep you want us to go with the time that we have. Apparently, I'm expected to have a line-up of people waiting outside the door, so scheduling a time ahead is smart. Plus, you're in my VIP community, baby!

You can text me @ 801.580.2705 to schedule a time to meet with me this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday over my Crystal Ball, so that we can remove some clutter to make space for something Spiritually aligned and radical in your life, for good!

Tits up to feeling sexy! See you this weekend;)

Marian xo

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