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"Little Children"

One of my mentors is Maria Sabina, she is a medicine woman, a story-teller, a Shamama. She refers to psychedelic mushrooms as "little children". She has helped many sick people, in her community and otherwise, to find their child-like innocence in order to restore their health, which most often was a result from being dis-connected to their high-spirit, and therefore their soul.

You hear Soul and Spirit intermingled in spiritual-speak, but among wise and knowing it is said that the soul resides in a more distant home. The spirit is born from the soul and embodies the person with whom it was born into. Therefore, Holy Spirit or Christ Consciousness is the awareness of the divinity that we embody, and is the vehicle in which we can communicate with the ALL, God, Universe.

In spiritual-speak this translates to understanding that our spirit communicates what is happening here on the Earthly plane to the Soul, and the Soul communicates the path forward for the spirit. They are communication vehicles.

When people are open hearted, receptive to subtle energies, and can harness both intuitive and instinctual knowing, then life flows. When we hit obstacles that send us down into an abyss of darkness, there still is a spark of genius that will never leave our consciousness and it is especially during these times that we end up relying on the soul-spirit tango that reminds us that our circumstances may be leading us into the end of one story, but propelling us into the next. Again, the Life/Death/Life cycle prevails. Life is this way. If we remember this cycle, than we need not fear the end entirely, for we know there is a new beginning imminent.

Psychedelic mushrooms allows a person to gain spiritual sustenance when life gets grim. If integrated properly, the benefits of the experience can have lasting affects. For instance, one girl-woman I worked with was bitter and angry at her mother, for very valid reasons. Her mother was an un-mothered mother, which means she was unable to guide and mentor her daughter during the years when guidance is essential for the life of a girl to avoid, withstand, or remove people who threaten her safety and wellbeing. Because the mother was clueless and checked out, the girl made poor decisions not because she was bad or wrong, but because she was naive. A mothers role in her children's life is the help them see the traps... and oh there are many.

As a result, the girl was aimless and unconscious and was taken advantage of in ways that would bring tears to your eyes. And know that this is not an isolated incident, the world is filled with people who are happy to take advantage of the tender and innocent-hearted. This is a tragedy of epic proportions.

In any case, I worked with the girl to help her understand the unconscious condition of her mother, and that if she can be wise to find compassion for the woman who gave her life, instead of resentment and bitterness, that she could find a new way to relate to her mother and therefore build a new bridge of consciousness that would help to create a relationship that felt as though it was both honoring and understanding. This was a heroic request.

Thankfully I work with Master Plants, and therefore these helpers dissolve the barriers to greater understanding in a way that resonates beyond my words, energetic presence, and blockages in the girls mind. It is miraculous what these medicines can do.

The work doesn't stop at the experience. The experience itself reveals much, but most people do not have the cheering section and support group to make manifest on what their higher-visions reveal for them. In this case, the mushrooms revealed all the wonderful things that the girl had adopted as a result from being born to her mother. From this place the girl wept with grace and mercy and understood how her mother was doing her best with what she had. The neglect wasn't personal. The lack of affection and desire to relate wasn't personal. Her mother was in constant state of survival, and from that place, connection is hard to maintain.

After the experience, almost immediately after, the girl thought to send a message to her mother. Because when we are not in an elevated state, the idea of reaching out to the person who we believe wronged us triggers the eGo to the point of indifference or denial. Her soul-spirit was subtly letting her know through her awareness that there was something important that needed to be healed. Having a mother who is less than she could be, is better than not having one at all.

The "little children" allowed her psyche to move beyond the eGo, to where the heart resides in spirit, and therefore the idea of attempting a connection, removed from pride, allowed the girl to gain a type of confidence that is based in unity and compassion, instead of apathy, aversion or despair.

She wrote her mother a text. All it said was "I love you mom". Almost immediately, around the 3am hour, her mother responded also immediately with "I love you more than there are words to say".

After the experience, we took the time to integrate all the things the girl would do in order to keep the spark of connection alive. Yes, this might mean mothering her own mother, which is what women do for eachother. It is a sacred process that can be called, ironically, "sisterhood". Without sisterhood, women will perish. Without sisterhood, the world crumbles to nothing.

When the medicinal affects wear-off is when the real work begins. Most people do not talk enough about this. Most people who have never had a "journey" are grappling with fear around the journey itself and have no clue what is in store for them after. It may not seem as exciting as the experience itself, but the results are much longer lasting and vitally transformative when the wisdom we receive from sacred experience is made manifest by taking heartfelt action. Many people these daze are chasing experiences and leaving the nuggets of golden wisdom behind. Integration is key. Without it, all that was received will be lost in the throes of daily life.

I cannot tell you how many people I know who have sat with the sacred, have been given glorious treasures, only to go back to their old ways in zero minus five seconds. I know from personal experience that its tempting to wanna go back to not knowing, but it only ends in tragedy. Believe me.

It is those who desire radical change and who are willing to stay the course does it become clear over time how useful the "little children" were in having them peer into a realm that holds their destiny in plain site. If you have the stomach for change, which is inevitable, then there's a great chance that the changes you are hoping to make can be realized without unnecessary pain and suffering. In fact, what I notice is that there is restoration of faith and hope that gets set into motion in a way that produces significant increases in confidance.

Confidance, based in the seat of the heart, is so very sexy. An open hearted person who has keen instincts and intuition is a formidable force of wild nature. Alternatively, someone who shys away from love and deep-soulful connections has much work to do in witnessing the eGo realm, which is to say, loving small, conditionally, full of illusions, placing unnecessary boundaries where there need not be. If a person is too busy protecting their pain with excuses as to why they cannot open when love knocks, then they are not fully living and are probably stuck in the past.

Everyday we are reborn. Every single day. The "little children" allow us to be reborn again in a way that is delightful, and may ensure that the thoughts we carry from the past can be made sense of in a way that is nourishing and integral. We don't lose the lessons we received from the past, we integrate them, and as a result of that integration life takes on more meaning and much less fear.

In a world filled with so much fear and hate and division, having a sacred experience is the elixir to righting ourselves and dropping the energy drains that limit us from shining our noble and heart-felt truths.

Namasté Little Children,


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