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In Service of Spirit

Hello dear friends,

I hope this message finds you well.

I have a deep soul yearning to help solve one of the worlds biggest problems, can you guess what that is? 


It’s an epidemic. People who are lonely die younger, have higher rates of chronic dis-ease, and find little satisfaction in life, because life is intended to be relational. When we are not relating in deep and meaningful ways, life can feel very empty and lonely. 

Over the past several years I have focused on providing ecstatic experiences for people in my psychedelic practice with the aim of guiding them into the highest and truest version of themselves, so that they can follow the omens towards their destiny, which provides tremendous life satisfaction. 

It’s been my experience that without satisfaction, people can succumb to mental and physical health issues.  

Before I was introduced to my own teachers (2015), I was stuck working in an industry that imposed and perpetuated disconnection from the self, and as a result I felt at odds with the industry I was in. It paid very well, but the cost was my soul’s integrity. No bueno!

Not only that, I was disconnected from my husband who I loved deeply, but didn’t know how to keep our connection solid while we traversed arguments and conflict, which is a very important life skill. We were both poor communicators, and found it really hard to share our feelings without projecting negativity onto each other, which ultimately left us both feeling very alone and lonely. We repeated the habits and patterns of our parents, unconsciously. Our disconnection led to lies, betrayals, a divorce and lots of pain and suffering. 

I’d like to save as many people as possible from having this experience of wasted time and energy, and instead, help to guide in ways that promote ecstatic union, healthy communication, and understanding. 

It’s possible. I am living proof that when actions matches intentions, miracles abound. 

Most people are foreigners in the language of love and connection. The good news is we are all wired for evolution and I see learning the Language of Love as being the ultimate lesson in living a beautiful life.


Now that I know what I know, it makes sense why most people lack the skills and self-awareness to traverse intimate relationships, and that is why divorce rates are so high, and why dating apps exist. And yet, we are propelled towards love, even unconsciously, because without it we are lost. 

Ultimately my problems led me on a path of self-discovery and curiosity that I encourage each and every person on this planet to embark upon, no matter what their situation is. The catalyst for wanting to improve our lives looks different for everyone, and yet the process is relatively the same; opening up to self-consciousness by understanding your instinctual drives, motives and intentions. It takes work. No doubt about that, but oh does it feel good to know thy self? Yes!

Psychedelics put you on a fast track to understanding yourself, when guided well. Which is powerful and necessary. It’s also optional. Many people are afraid of what they don’t understand, and I’m here to help bridge the gap for teachings sake.

Don’t get it twisted… becoming self-conscious is positive and powerful. Self-consciousness is otherwise known as “self-awareness”. People who are self-aware and who know themselves well are super sexy and radiate confidence. Yum.

Psychedelics were instrumental in my growth as a human being and provided me the ability to further develop my character, based in holistic perception. Now my life is dedicated to teaching what I know in order to help those who are hungry to know themselves better, and who yearn to have closeness and intimacy in their lives. When we do our healing work, our relationships deepen and our destiny is made clearer. 

The process of self-development can induce feelings of loneliness for a time. It’s normal. But what is not healthy is remaining there without taking action to attract people who are nutritive for our soul. 

Loneliness is a wake-up call from the soul. 

In order to evolve beyond loneliness we must face our judgments, relentless opinions, beliefs and desires with a tender and awakened heart. Most people use the mind to justify and rationalize, but the heart is wisest and knows best. When we listen to our hearts, and rest in its awareness, we can be honest and truthful with ourselves. 

We can lay the past to rest while we navigate our hearts desires in the present. Everything that happened in the past was a requirement in order to fulfill our personal destiny with humility and grace.

What I know is that relationships are meant to reflect our inner world to us, so that we can pivot and make space for more consciousness. When we are isolated and alone, there is no one to reflect our divinity to, nor help us to address the misperceptions we carry that cause us pain. Alone-ness can help us see to an extent, but it is through our relations that we refine who we are and become who we’d like to be. 

Relationships exist to help us refine our being ness and push us towards being the person we want to be. 

It’s that simple. If you do not have relationships that challenge you, encourage you, and ask you to take responsibility for the life that you are leading and wish to create, then you may feel malnourished. 

Don’t worry, I can help.

But first, let me ask you, where are you in the process of realizing your personal destiny? Are you open to having me connect you with people who can catalyze your life’s experience?

If you have no clue, feel lost, or are lonely, I have a radical solution: 

Psychedelic Love School 

Enrollment begins on September 4th

Please hit the reply button on this email if you have questions. 

I am here for you. For real. 



Marian RivKind

Psychedelic Integration Therapy // Matchmaking 

Love is without reason; rationality is like a cane. Judgement needs a cane, because it is blind. When love arrives, thought dies in its shadow. Love is the sunrise, while thought is only a flashing light.” Rumi 

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