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How Miracles Are Made

Miracles are made from a concoction of several vital life elements.

They are, but are not limited to:


Belief in One’s worthiness




Trusting The Process





Attunement to a Higher Power

Soulful Alignment 



I read A Course In Miracles during a time in my life when I was really going through it. The list above isn’t taken from the text, it is my daily Spiritual Practice to invite miracles into my life, which by design dissolves resistance. 

Resistance is the killer of a lot of good and nutritive elements, but it has its place. It allows us to feel and intuit its presence and then we must find the consciousness or deep knowing of how to maneuver around it, like water flowing over a rock. 

Where there is resistance, internally or externally, there is an indication of a blockage. 

Last Spring, while I was completing a harm reduction course based in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, I partnered up with one of the students in my cohort to complete an assignment. She told me that her parter was a morning radio show host on a local station in the city I live, Salt Lake City. I was immediately energized by the news. I have always yearned to work in front of a mic, in any capacity. I feel exhilarated when public speaking, playing music, sharing comedy, communicating important truths that are vital to one’s life, or MC’ing at events. I thrive under pressure and enjoy the effects of adrenaline very much

I asked her if she would introduce me to her partner, so that I could provide him with all the ideas I had about the kind of shows I’d like to hear on the radio, and perhaps I could be one of the hosts?! Radio silence. Resistance. Discomfort. 

I felt all her vibes. So I changed the subject. Resistance is my kryptonite. But that interaction did not stop me. 

I took matters into my own hands and emailed her partner, told him how I came across his craft, thanked him for his service to the station and asked him if he would be willing to meet with me or pass along my information to the “powers that be”. Again, radio silence. Zilch, nada response.

I waited a few weeks before I decided to send a message, to the station directly, with an idea I thought would be magical for me and our community. Again, no response. If memory serves, these communications happened around April of 2023.

I’ll also share that in the past year I have emailed a few of my favorite authors asking them if they would be willing to have me as an apprentice, so that I could get help writing my book and learn from the best. The author I want most to know, to love, to learn from hasn’t emailed me back, however, Jack Kanefield - Author of “The Wise Heart” did email me back, told me that he did not have the capacity at this time to help me with my mission. Oh well. Not the right time, or person maybe.

At the exact moment I read over his email and felt my heart sink, I received an email from the Radio Station. The program director really liked my idea and was curious to learn more. 

I did an ecstatic dance for I don’t know how long after. I got on my knees, thanked our Creator, hugged my self, and held onto the feeling of satisfaction for every moment that I called the good news to my attention. I’ll never forget the feeling of letting go and simultaneously receiving. That’s life!


After what has felt like a very long and challenging several years, is now beginning to feel like I can enjoy the fruits of my extraneous and expensive labors. Remember, I have spent the last 9 years pivoting from my past vocation and trying to emerge into a new one. I spent the last 9 years getting my Psychedelic PhD, which has been a deep, challenging and ecstatic journey. The education/endeavor has cost me somewhere upwards around $45k + (I did the math recently). This is proof that changing careers, investing in your future, and making a commitment to staying the course is not only possible, it is essential to allowing yourself the space to grow and re-invent yourself. There is a cost, but it is worth it!

I have been in “official practice” for 1yr. I opened my practice last July, and have received many clients with whom I help to support, and as a result, have learned to love. 

Going slow, by stopping to smell the roses, allows us to enjoy the process of transformation. There are miracles scattered all about during this evolutionary process. The miracles are proof that you are on the right path. 

The question is do you believe in them? Are you open to experiencing them?

Yesterday, I spoke with the program director at the station at length, and he offered me a slot on Sunday night at 10pm for my “pilot” of:

Psychedelic Love Talk!

I hope you’ll tune in. Call in. Write in. 

I’d love your support. 

You can call into the station with your questions for me to answer on live radio, or by responding to this email or texting me, if you have my number. Anything related to Psychedelics, Love, Sex, Parenthood, and Relationships - I’m your girl in providing you with answers to your most burning questions. If I don’t have answers for you, I will provide ideas and humor. That is my vow. Ask me anything, do not be shy.

Yesterday I spent many hours working on my website by adding many testimonials from the people in my life that I have worked and played with. I hope you will check it out. 

I hope you’ve been enjoying my email shares. Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to tell me what my sharing means to you. I adore your bravery for the honesty that comes from your heart. 

If you’re thinking about joining me for the 6 week Psychedelic Integration Immersive experience, there is still time, but I have a feeling now that my voice will be hitting the radio frequency waves, that the spaces will fill up fast, and I’d like for you to be one of the lucky ones. 

We have dreams to manifest together.

Namasté Passionate,

Marian xo

Psychedelic Integration Therapy // Matchmaking // Author

Psychedelic Love Talk - THE SHOW

KUAAFM.ORG - 99.9FM - Sunday @10pm

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