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Do you know what you are made of?

You are made of stardust.

Everything that you can conceive of is possible for you.

What do you believe you deserve?

Not matter where you are on The Path of Love, you are deserving of a few fundamental things:

Respect, Dignity, Honor & Appreciation

If you do not feel as though you are deserving of these things, you may need to ask yourself why? 

The answer may be that you do not know how to love yourself. It may be that healing is needed.

La Medicina has taught me that healing never ends, because the world is filled with suffering. Once you truly come alive, you are made aware of this, and your heart begins to beat to the rhythm of causing joy, tenderness, and compassion.

Not everyone is given the tools. If you had caregivers who were cruel and abusive to you, then you most certainly did not grow up learning this essential life skill. I know that I didn’t. It wasn’t until I came to Psychedelic medicine did I become aware of how abusive I was to myself as a result of growing up in an environment that was not nutritive. 

My patterns were proof that I had a lot of work to do. 

At age 45 I work on myself everyday to ensure that my thoughts are filled with quality, not quantity. The many years I’ve spent walking the Spiritual Path, has afforded me the kind of grace that provides me with the ability to see the beauty in all past experiences, painful as they may have been.

Loving yourself is the sexiest thing you can achieve in this lifetime. 

Because when you love yourself, you become a magnet for great experiences, based in love.

Depending on where you are finding yourself in this moment, as it relates to love, all depends on the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself, that are typically based in past. 

No problem. It is what it is.

However, from this point on, I’ll ask you to notice the quality of your thoughts and how you perceive yourself. Because how you perceive yourself will dictate you external reality. Nothing outside of your thoughts really exists. Everything you think, attracts what you experience. That includes dis-ease, poor relationships, etc.

Alternatively, if you are living your best life, congratulations. You won the jackpot.

For those of you who struggle in any portion of your life, there is a reason for that: 

There has not been an adequate amount of healing and love for yourself. 

Everything leads back to that. 

What I’ve learned from my own experience with pain and heartache, is that when I hold onto thoughts and feelings from the past, I suffer, which is insane. The present moment offers a fresh and clean slate. When I notice thoughts bubble up from the past, I have several exercises that I do, consciously, to forgive myself and others, and to allow myself to be willing to choose new thoughts. I’ve gotten so great at it that I teach it to others, and write about it too. You don’t have to be the Buddha to find inner peace, you just have to have the willingness to chart unknown territory.

My favorite thoughts include helping others realize their full potential, and connecting people in love.

I never considered myself a matchmaker or author until people started telling me that I was. 

Many years ago my hairstylist would ask for advice about what to do with her marriage and children, and a torrent of wisdom would flow from my heart and into hers. She would say “Marian, you need to write a book”. 

After connecting and helping many people in classes, courses, and events that I’ve thrown in the past, I decided I would get intentional about manifesting my own highest potential, and that looks like connecting people in love, collaboration, and friendship, and to write a book about what it takes to become Spiritually Embodied. 

I started writing two books in January. One is being edited right now, and the other I continue to work on when the spirit moves me. The first book is called The Path To Eden, and it is a guide to Spiritual Embodiment. The other will remain a mystery until I’m ready to share that volume of work.

Spirituality is essential in living a life full of meaning and purpose. If meaning and purpose are lacking in your life, then getting to know your spirit is essential. 

I didn’t know what spirit was before I came to plant medicine. La Madré’s medicina showed me everything I needed to know and heal from in order to become embodied. In my book, I simply express what it takes to do just that; become Spiritually Embodied. It’s simple and yet deeply profound. 

Nothing in life is as satisfying as knowing what you’re made of and why you’re here.

I help people discover why they’re here and what they’re made of in my practice. Some people can’t handle the pressure that comes from taking responsibility for their lives, but for the clients that do, their life is excelling. 

Helping people allows my heart to shine. It’s a selfish drive, that’s based in service.

I offer my sound healing services to the women’s and childrens shelter, because I yearn to help relieve people's suffering. 

So many humans are lost. It’s not their fault, they weren’t taught, and in the case of the homeless, they were not loved properly. What a tragedy.

My life’s lessons have comprised of me learning how to love myself well, and then to be of loving service to others.

My hope, wish, and dream is to unite people who are searching to find more meaning, connection, and community in their lives, so that they can pay it forward and become who they are destined to be. The Universe has my back on this mission, all I need now are people who are willing to participate in the ecstatic dance of life. 

Here is a list of services I offer:

Let's Get To The Root 

Radical Life Change (12 Month Immersion)

Spiritual / Psychedelic Guidance & Integration

Psychedelic Love School - Soul-Mate Matchmaking (Begins September 4th - 9 weeks)

The Queen's Code  (Begins September 4th - 8 weeks)

Hit reply on this email, if you’d like to connect with me personally. 

I would be happy to discuss any matter that is weighing on you, in order for you to feel free and liberated.


Marian xo

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