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Creative Juice

A Poem:

I stared at the sun, wishing it to cleanse my soul

But all it did was burn my eyes

I gazed at the mountains, to stand tall like them

But I will always seem small by their contrast

I sank into the ocean, hoping it would wash away my troubles

But all it did was remind me that my lungs need air to breathe


I sat with the moon and the stars while I cried in search for peace

And what I found were crystal on my face, joy in my heart

And fuel for the burning fire of my spirit

- Fire Child

I wrote this poem while I was collecting my soul-bones while on retreat.

Life can be challenging even for the most illuminated beings.

It’s recognizing the ups and downs, without attachment, that brings clarity to every situation and circumstance. 

More often than not, the clarity that we seek comes into us through our art. 

Retrieving our soul-bones may require some creative cajoling, actually it is essential that we muster up the energy to create. The most beautiful song lyrics, melodies, and opus’s were created out of life’s turbulent times. And look at what that turbulence can create when given the time and space? 

Does anyone know the song “Let It Be” by The Beatles? Need I say more?

It’s with our creative juices that we remedy our hearts and ignite our soul’s force. 

When we commit and dedicate time to create, we invite humility and strength into our vortex.

Whether you have created a work of art worth adoring for centuries, or fumble to find the right note or word to complete your silly creation is of no consequence. What matters is that you begin, that you take action.

Your art doesn’t necessarily have to be shared with anyone, but if you like, do! Your creation is intended to connect you to a place inside of yourself that needs attention. It’s a manifestation of the creation that is you, in all its expressions and emotions. The process of creating, for oneself, leads to catharsis. 

Criticizing and condemning is best left to the politicians, not for your sweet soul.

Remove all the blocks that prevent you from creating. Nullify the distractions, the to-do’s, the demands, and guide yourself towards a quiet place in nature where you and your hearts wisdom can be inspired by the natural environment from which draws inspiration. 

Creating requires determination in a world that is driven and obsessed with trivialities. When we prioritize our creativity each and every single day, we refine ourselves into a more humane version. Creativity is what separates man from beast. Creativity requires thoughtful introspection, endurance, tenacity of purpose and care. These characteristics translate positively into every arena of our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not.

There is no downside to taking the time to play with ourselves. Play is essential for humane development, and what I have found is that people who reach adulthood often abandon the need for play in exchange for more serious and less fulfilling endeavors. 

However, in order to live a good and consistently satisfying life, we must prioritize play and creativity above all other things. This force supports us in all the other arena’s in our lives, without having to strive or force. The Universe is in a constant state of flow, so we too must be in order to align with what is nutritive and soulful.

In a world that champions productivity over creativity, it can feel like you’re going against the grain when in pursuit of things that seem less shiny on the outside, but produce a brilliance on the inside. 

But that is what we want, way deep down inside; to shine.

Are you willing to let yourself shine without fearing your brilliance?

I hope so. Because the world needs what you’ve got inside of you. If you are playing small, you know it.

So my question to you is; what are you going to do about it?

If you don’t know, perhaps seeking guidance in necessary for you.

Until I came to La Medicina, I had locked away my talents and creative passions for lesser treasures, but I didn’t even know it. I was not aware that I had done that. Becoming partnered, too domesticated, having children, working job(s), commuting to and fro from endless engagements robbed me of the time I needed to commune with myself; to be One with my creative force and therefore our Creator. 

Yesterday I sent an invitation to sit in sacred space with me. How do you think/feel about this idea?

What do you have to lose? And what do you have to gain?

Things to contemplate. 

What I have found in working with people’s consciousness is that you can point the way that leads to a valuable treasure, but if there is skepticism and cynicism present within one’s own mind, they will find every excuse to avoid the treasure that they have been seeking all along.

Don’t let that person be you.

With sincere devotion to your growth and evolution,


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