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Create First, Consume Later

Thank you for your time and attention. These are priceless things.

For the last while I've been sending daily emails from my personal account while I got some things organized site-wise, so thank you for your patience if you've received doubles.

My shares will be living here for now.

In January I subscribed to a service from my mentor Joshua Sprague, who challenged me to write a book in 30 days. Well, it was a nice goal, but it took be 6 months. No big deal. I have three kids and many "jobs", so I went gently through the process.

The main component of the practice was to write, every single day. I was given the instruction to set :25min timers where I was to write without stopping to edit, reformat, or correct spelling. The practice is designed to get into a flow state without reading what you write, in order to stream conscionsness without stopping. The editing part happens after the rough-draft is completed. I found that part to be very hard, because I've developed some bad habits as a writer, and the inner-critic is to blame. The need to adjust, in the now, would cause me stop my flow to correct my mistakes. It's gotten better with practice, and I see exactly why he urges his students to refrain, because the words that need to come out can't if you're stopping and starting to correct.

In my eyes he's a genius. He's smart, Canadian, like me, tremendously success in many ways, and I love his teaching vibe. HE IS CONNECTED.

I get emails from him every single day about how to become a better writer.

His ways lead me. I follow his rhythm, He gives me strength and confidence when I hit bumps in the road that cause me pain and discomfort. He tells me that my critics are my biggest fans, and that although people may love or hate what I write, what matters is that I listen to The Voice that guides me.

The MOST important teaching he has provided me with is to CREATE FIRST, CONSUME LATER.

And so, I'm passing his info along to you.

Take it for what it's worth - an apple of gold.

Tonight I am embarking on my maiden radio voyage. I will be popping my radio frequecy cherry.


I woke up around 3am with a fiery excitement in my belly. La Que Sabe is working her magic.

I made myself tea and sat down to write and organize my segment for my first broadcast.

The last time I felt this way was in 2021 when my bestie and I put on a Music Festival called 'Gaia Nights' in the high desert mountains of Boulder, Utah. The three day festival was the most exhilarating experience I had ever had in my life.

IT WAS WILD. And I can't wait to do it again.

The last time before that was when my product (brand) found its way into the centerfold of Oprah Winfrey's Magazine 'Favorite Things' Christmas Edition in 2011. I was high for weeks off of the feeling of having my work be appreciated, seen, purchased, gifted, and valued.

The Love You Liberate In Your Work Is The Love You Get To Keep #applesofgold

In any case, being on LIVE radio with the chance to develop my own show is a dream come true for me. I'm nervous, excited, anxious (in a good way), and most of all greatfull to be given the chance and opportunity to share my passions, gifts and talents with my community, in order to provide a healing salve for the hardships of life using music, humor, wisdom, and love!

Please tune-in to give your support.

Tonight! 10pm on 99.9

Stream Live, Call In, Make a Song Request and Dedication, or what have you.

Wish me luck,


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