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Connecting to the GPS

(GPS - Great Pussy in the Sky). This post may take up to 10min to read. FYI.

I feel the suffering and pain of the people who are struggling all over the world. I lie awake at night trying to find solutions to the problems we face as a global community. Both of my parents are tuned into the happenings of the world, especially in the places that once felt like home to them, so my level of understanding of geography, land and human resources, the past and how government and religion works allows me to see and get to the root of the problem.

The truth is our physical reality needs an overhaul, and that can only be done through consciousness. We've got to connect the dots between where we are and where we'd like to go. It doesn't seem like anyone in my orbit wants to talk about where we need to go or has any idea about how to get there, but they'll all agree that our modern times seem to be going haywire. Most people are really busy trying to earn the money that they don't have time or space to ponder the things that plague us.

As an Aries April Fool and 2/4 HD Emotional Projector I am ruled by my head, emotions and adrenal glands. I think a lot. I'm paid to think and feel and guide and provide stimulating experiences. I seek adrenaline rushes to feel alive. I don't get fatigued from the rushes, I get filled up. Loving, writing, dancing, playing/making art and music, psychedelics give me the doses of adrenaline I need in order to make life feel satisfying to me. Boredom isn't a thing. I can't handle it. That's why being a thinker comes in so handy for me... I can retreat into my mind for solace from the mundane. My ideas and imagination are too big for this world, and I've created a practice where I get to share my ideas with people who need and appreciate fresh perspectives. I can't execute all my ideas myself - so I share them with people who are in a creative deficit, sadly because they feel stuck or are in emotional or physical turmoil. It's nearly impossible to access the imagination when you're in a low vibration. Sharing ideas inspires and stimulates the spirit in a way that brings abundance and adventure closer to our realities. The great Eleanor Roosevelt once said 'Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas'.

My ideas are for sale. And they can be based on your dreams. Together we connect the dots on what is conceptual at first, but becomes reality over time. How big are your dreams and do you have the right connections (internal/external) to manifest them?

I spend a lot of my "free" time thinking about how to find solutions to big world problems. In order to find a solution, you have to first locate the problem.

Right now the world is facing some very big problems that have been repeated over and over and over again, but have never been solved. And do you know why that is?

Patriarchy. Male dominion over our physical reality. There is a lack of balance in honoring the differences between sexes, and having a balanced playing field where decisions about our collective wellbeing are made would restore the balance. You may not like or agree with what I have to say about this, but I'm hoping you can make space for some inconvenient truths for the purpose of upgrading your internal software system.

Womben can be-long in the kitchen and with the kids, and they can also be anything they want to be, like leaders, sharing their intelligence about how things could be run in order to support life well. After all, why would our Creator give womben the gift of carrying and birthing life only to have their male counterparts kill them off for the reason of war? Makes no sense, except when considering the affects that greed and control has over the eGo and shared world. If we could believe that everyone is doing their best to the degree of their consciousness, and we drop all of the expectations and projections, than it would make sense to reflect on what's happening with a new lens and start over with a new plan that included more peaceful ways of problem solving. The fact that the Patriarchy has ruled for millenia, and things aren't going so well, could cause us to consider changing up the way we think about leadership to include more of a feminine, and therefore gentler, approach. Despite their origin sex, some ladies in leadership guide like men, because that's the field they're playing in. And it ain't pretty.

If the patriarchy uses mostly young men to do its bidding in war and emphasizes the need to accumulate wealth no matter the cost to its people, then perhaps the Matriarchy would counteract that with wanting to protect lives by using heart-felt reasoning and creative endeavors to highlight the importance of using who and what we have for the purpose of peace, abundance and prosperity without the need for attack and defense strategies. If no one is being wronged, than why would there be a need for force?

In the middle east, right now, there are terrorist regimes that hide behind the sheild of womben and children using hospitals and household dwellings to seek shelter from retaliation after the Oct 7th atrocity. They do not value womben, and therefore life, so they terrorize them with in-humane laws and disallow womben to study at school because they may feel threatened by female intelligence, and/or feel superior to womben. This is the definition of Patriarchy - male domination and superiority as a mindset imposed on the opposite sex. Look at how wombens reproductive rights are on the table within the government of the US. What an abuse of power. Our bodies, our rights. Abortion is also a mens issue. Who shoots the "gun"? Come on guys, it's time to take responsibility.

On the other hand, Jewish people come from a Matrilineal heritage, which means that if your Mother is Jewish, then so are you. Since I came from a Jew(ish) upbringing I can attest to the differences in values. Jews are smart, they speak the language of the Universe (math), are family-values based and a non-violent people's unless provoked (like most people), and the most important element within the culture/race is that there is an honoring quality towards the mother/womben. Jews are open minded because the faith asks its members to question everything in order find their ultimate truth, and in that philosophy the people of the faith are united. This is my first-hand experience as a Jew-ish person. Sometimes I feel scared to openly admit that I'm Jewish, because of the anti-semitism that exists in the world. But knowing what I know provides me with solace, because although I was born to a Jewish family from the Slavic part of the world, I identify as a spiritual womban who is protected by the shield of a loving consciousness and my efforts to do my part in the healing process of the world is more important than the fear of prejudice or racism. I wouldn't be where I am today if it were not for my heritage and upbringing, so I honor that and hope that eventually no one will fear or deny their herStorical existence.

Does anyone remember 911? Terrorists are scary, and right now most of the ones causing the most fear and harm seem to be fundamentalists. Have you heard of any fundamentalist group being good? What's scary about them is that they can't be reasoned with. The mormon fundamentalist groups marry young girls and eradicate their male youth in order for the polygamy to math. They live in the outskirts to isolate, so that they can escape the watchful glares of people who know what they're up to. Many documentaries have been made about the oppressive nature of their patriarchal ways. Otherwise Mormons are much like the Jews; they're industrious, family oriented, have good working brains, value the arts and home-made goods, and know how to grow their businesses well. They're faithful people, and by and large, seek to do no harm to others. I've heard it said by many that Mormons believe that they came from the Jews or Abrahamic teachings - please correct me if I'm wrong.

Can you see why a world that is based in Patriarchal ideologies would deny the voice of a group of people who value the opposite?

A lot of people around the world are talking about Jews, Muslims, terrorism, religion, politics, tyranny, corruption, and war. And few are talking about solutions. The news and social media is an endless barage of misinformed projections and messages coupled with negative gossip and shit throwing. Is journalism dead? Not if I have a say in the matter. But many journalists exposing the truth are dead, tragically. George Floyd pointed out the tragic reality of people's inability to respond to shocking events, especially when law enforcement is present. And what a doozy that was to watch "law enforcement" inflicting death on a man who did what again? Racism is alive and thriving amongst law enforcement, and it's no coincidence. Law enforcement was "erected" in the US to keep the slave trade going by using force and unimaginable cruelty in order to remain in control of the "free" labor. The Europeans made a huge mess in the world and we are still living according to their design to a large affect. It takes more hours to become a barber than it does to become a cop that carries a gun. Yikes.

I grew up in an area and around people from my ancestry, many who came from the USSR. In the USSR jewish people were persecuted, and so they left. My parents are Jewish refugees who were native to Ukraine before politics globbed the republics into one. Even though they were born in their "native" lands, they were considered "others". And they left because they got help, and they got help from Israel, because after the war, so many people were displaced, and no one knew what to do, but there were Jews living all over the world who wanted to help their brothers and sisters after the holocaust. Israel helped its Jewish people by providing a million visas to Jewish refugees who were leaving the USSR. My parents were a part of that exodus. The UK was instrumental in creating the state of Israel. Having a diplomatic and democratic nation amongst many other middle-eastern countries who were ruled by royalty and tyranny made sense. Because of politics and money, arms deals were made and everyone in the world now has access to killing machines and its just a question of time before someone gets pissed off enough to unload their fury. We've seen it happen way too many times.

Have you ever seen a mother of three use an A-K47 at innocent civilians? Maybe you have in the movies. But I doubt it.

But who does that? WTF?

Desperate people.

When people are desperate, things can get bad. You can lose yourself to an ideology that perpetuates false narratives and uses excesses of testosterone as a tool to fuel a deadly war caused by pure hatred, that promises to alleviate suffering, only after death.

Oh brother, where art thou?

Do you know what Israel/Palestine was known as in ancient times? Judea.

Jewish people originally came from an area called Judea. Makes sense, doesn't it? I hope this info settles something in you. Politics creates division between people. Political agendas, at some point and level, corrupt people. One of the US presidential candidates has been on trial for criminal charges for months, and truly seems like a grade A imbecile, and the American people think that's good I guess.

People are fucked in the head. They're probably the same people who stood in line at costco for toilet paper during the big flu ordeal.

Back door deals, shady negotiations are how the Natives of North America have found themselves in dilapidated reservations. There were once many tribes that shared similar values, like that of Judea. Then the politicians/commanders/soldiers came in from other lands, pilaged, enslaved and messed things up for generations. We are still dealing with the aftermaths of the consequences of tyrannical consciousness sweeping through the world. We teach our kids and perpetuate this consciousness in our history books. Maybe its time that more womben write their herStories. Not as victors, but as a witnesses. Although getting them approved by the school "districts" may be challenging, because the material may contradict what our schools have been "preaching" for centuries, and may cause emotional discomfort to the reader. In any case, a balancing truth must be told.

In Judea, there were the twelve tribes of Israel that shared the land. The origins of the belief systems in this region stemmed from Abrahamic teachings.

From my understanding Islam came after Judaism, and then Christianity came after Islam.

Jesus was a Jew, and he was a man from Bethlehem, from the land of Judea, which in the Torah is called Zion. Millions of people worship Jesus for his teachings, and although his consciousness birthed a new religion, he was a Jewish person, and he was revered for his loving nature. You cannot separate him from the soup he was cooked in. He evolved past the immediate consciousness of his time, and in that mission he and I relate in body, heart and spirit.

The oldest religion is Nature and she is worth worshipping. The Patriarchy doesn't care much for her, and so its time must be done. We must lay it gently to rest.

Earth is our Hera! We depend on Her! Like we do our most precious hero's, who provide nourishment, comfort, security and that yummy big D energy. The Earth has her moods (changing weather and seasons), and we brace for the storms collectively, do we not?

We all must return to Her, in devotional honoring, restoring Her health and improving Her wellbeing.

One mind at a time. If we do it out of love and mindfulness we will find our Eden within and without.

If you think about exoduses and how they've occurred, it's really important to look at the context of the situation. For example, Africans were taken, enslaved and distributed as "free" labor to the highest bidders. What an atrocity. That was an imposed Exodus. The Jews have a similar story. And it's being repeated. My parents were a part of an Exodus in the late 70's, where the people were seeking refuge from oppression. Mormons have their Exodus story where they left their homes in search for their Zion. And they found it.

Everybody knows a story or can talk to someone who is distinctly related to someone who suffered during these times, and we can all agree that we are still dealing with the residual damage of enslavement and enforced exodus's because of contradictory belief systems. What can we all agree on? The World is round and it is our home, shall we take care of our home? Can we agree on that?

And so if African-Americans decided that they wanted to immigrate back to their land, would they be called colonizers? No. So then why do I hear and read people describing Jews as colonizers? If they returned to their homeland and set-up a safe-haven for their people who were displaced over many centuries by actual colonizers, why would anyone see a problem with that? Two words. Politics and propaganda. The UK helped connect Jews all over the World by helping to establish an ancient territory that was once home to many. If you want to learn about the Jewish exodus and become more informed on the matter read 'Exodus' by Leon Uris.

Palestine has not had a democracy in almost 2 decades and is ruled by a terrorist organization. Seeing young people demonstrate and show sympathy to terrorism is a new level of ignorance that is hard to fathom - they don't remember and/or aren't mature/educated enough to understand why 911 happened. It doesn't seem like the Palestinian Terrorist regime wants anything with establishing the terroritory as a two party state. They refuse to deal with Jews, other than to spill their blood, so they do and say. Yikes again!

The state of Israel is democratic, yet many Islamic nations are not. The UK and US know this and so they back Israel because without it, INFADA would take over in ways that would threaten the safety of our world as we know it. INFADA calls for the blood and death of American and Jewish people. Politics and Religion can be a deadly match, and because of Patriarchy, many families are mourning the death of their loved ones. Enough already! I'm waiting for the Barbie Movie #2 to come out because I don't think anyone got the message the first go around. What's it going to take to wake up? Perhaps a bomb going off in your backyard. God forbid.

To the people reading this, I wonder what you have learned about this region of the world and how your parents spoke to you about Jewish people (in the case that you're not). I'm so curious. When I hang out with Jewish people I immediately know why I like them. They're often warm, smart and engaging - they've been through a lot. It seems like everyone on Earth has got to take a turn suffering. But I ask myself why does it have to be like that? My answer is, it doesn't.

The way to heal our world begins at the dinner table, breaking bread with people who have fundamental knowledge and ties to their origin stories and who can speak from a place of heart-felt understanding. When we sit down at the dinner table to discuss uncomfortable topics, we open up the channels for illumination based in life experience. Not heresy, gossip, or propaganda. So many people are living lonely lives without the warmth and comfort that comes from a home-cooked meal, and who are absent from meaningful and important conversations. Politics and religion are topics people are afraid to speak about, but they have created the world we live in, so it is time to have those difficult and humbling conversations. The last time politics got mentioned at a family dinner, everyone started harping on the one who didn't believe that voting matters, because of the electoral college. Since the electoral college decides on who will become president, and the popular vote doesn't matter (think Al Gore), then what is the point of voting? They have a point. And what the hell America? Electoral college? Why?

At my house the discussion is always open. I share what I know with my children, based in life experience, so that they can be informed when the world tries to corrupt their minds with fabricated, stereotypical and hateful tales. Psychedelics are instrumental in finding out the truth as it pertains to humane nature, and as they regain popularity I'm hopeful they will shape minds so that we can break down the systems that cause corruption and replace them with an approach that seeks to bring a unity mentality.

The Uni-verse is mental.

It's time for the tides to turn towards the divine feminine nature, and to enlist those who are curious about how things could be based on a gentler approach to life. If the divine femine leads, much love will flow, and heart-based solutions will make way for unity.

I think that men may worry about what would happen if womben took the lead on governing homeland matters, but their fear is based on history, and not on herstory. If I were given the opportunity to lead, I would create a strategy that left no person behind. If money weren't an issue and if I had the resources to see to it that each man, womban, they, them, and child learned to fish and grow food, so to speak, than a lot of the problems we face as a society would cease to exist. But first we mist dismantle the urge to consume more than we need. Can it be done? You tell me. The fact that storage units exist cause me to want to vomit.

If you have been enjoying my shares (they take an average of 2-4 hours to create), please let me know. I really would love to hear from you. Knowledge is different than information. Knowledge illuminates and connects, and can feel rare to find. I remember the first time I was in the presence of people who illuminated me and I've been hooked to that type of energy ever since. When you become illuminated, a lot of space opens up in the form of awareness. Awareness breeds understanding, in a way that cuts through division.

On a much more personal note...

I joined an online marketplace for holistic healers that attract people that need what we've got to give. The most popular offer, and the one that I got invited to speak on their podcast about is my Psychedelic Matchmaking service. I got the idea from Paul Stamets. I've been described as a connector, and my passion is in love, relationships, collaboration, play, and connection, and so it makes all the cents to help people solve their loneliness by providing tips and tools on how to learn to love oneself - wholeheartedly - while connecting them to others using the Universe as our co-creator. I'm almost finished writing my first guide-book (it's going to the editors this FRIYAY!) and that'll be our guide in fostering a loving connection with ourselves, while preparing participants to love intimately with others (perhaps who are in the group!).

Let's see what you got in store for my hungry lovers, Universe!

Are you someone who is interested in committing to the process of lovingness? Or are you scared of commitment, but want to reap all the rewards that come with it? Either way, you're invited to take the deep dive into the abyss of the unknown, for life and love's sake. Let's Go!

The first cohort begins in September.

The offer will be a combination of:

-Therapeutic practices, ie. using self-administered Psychedelic microdosing while in session

-Help on how to heal from the past by humbly learning from our (and others) mistakes (Guide Book)

-Learning how to communicate during challenging conversations using humility, tenderness, and vulnerability

-Providing real-life based solutions, guidance, ideas, and how-to's for each participant

-Inviting our Wild Nature to come forth, exercising our sensual birthrights

-Spiritual practices and weekly assignments based in fun and frolic

-Revitalizing the Soul through the sound of music and movement

-Online Sessions & Physical Meetups and Retreats

-$300 deposit to hold your space

Namasté Sexy,

Marian xo

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