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Beam me up, Scotty!

My Very First Product Review - @ADOSEOFCOLORS (based out of LA, CA)

@adoseofcolors started following my Insta page @psychedelicgirltalk a few weeks ago.

They sent me samples of their products and I offered to review and evaluate my scientific findings! (Hahaha! Best job ever:)

I’ll gladly help a new organization get its footing, especially when it’s in alignment with my mission... which is to spread psychedelic gospel. Their website is almost ready, and they're working on providing me with an affiliate link and coupon code so that you can enjoy their products using me as a bridge to your experience with their team and products.

Being an entrepreneur is very intense. But hey, if you’re selling nature to help people feel, learn, and grow into expanded consciousness, I’m about it! 

Here’s my evaluation and review! 

(Check Insta for a Coupon Code for Colors @psychedelicgirltalk)

November 29th, 2023

9:44 am x 2 Amanita Muscaria Gummies - Island Punch Flavour,

Provided By: @adoseofcolors

The taste and texture of the gummies are superb, if not exceptional. The texture is ideal…a strong firmness, quite chewy, easily dissolvable, the perfect size, and a delicious ISLAND PUNCH taste. I don’t like big gummies, because honestly, I’m trying to avoid cavities.

Ceremonially speaking, I concoct my medicinal combination for my people. However, for micro-dosing or fun & recreating, I love these gummies. They’re a neat & easy way to enjoy nature and Her fungi bounty!

9:44 am - I’m finally home alone and in the middle of a writing process. I’ve been writing for several hours (since 3:48 am) and feeling a little empty (got my 3 kids ready and off to school, made some tea, smoked some tobacco, and started writing back up again), so I popped 2 gummies into the dark abyss and would like to see what the gummies inspire within me. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

10:25 am - Starting to notice a change in vibration. Because I’m home alone, I can dedicate myself to the experience without fear of interruption. Will the gummies ignite more creative fuel? I hope so because I wanna keep going, writing, and creating! 

Q: Why am I doing this you may ask? 

Q: Why would someone take these gummies? 

Q: What are they good for? What do they provide?

Q: Why Fungi? 

A: Because it gives us cosmic wings! Ayyyyeeeehaw!

A: To enhance creative thinking and extend thought and action sustainably to move towards a goal, artfully. 

Or at least that’s why I’m doing it. I have big goals, and by hell or high water I Will achieve them AND I’m also willing to take any help that I get along the way. 

I’ve been waiting to be approached by intelligent people who see my value, who can feel my vibe, and who know that I can help them achieve their goals as well. 

I hope this relationship lasts… 

I’m a Psychedelic Ambassador… don’t be shy, now… call me what I carry.

10:56 AM - Before I began to feel the effects of the fun-guy (Hahaha! So punny!), I decided to change the scenery and move from writing cross-legged on the couch, to playing the piano in the music/living room. I’m interested to see how the gummies will translate, musically speaking. 


*** I wrote lyrics to a song a few weeks ago while I was waiting for my plane to take off. When I got back from my trip, my angel friend Emalee helped me find the chords to my inner tune, and we recorded a very rough version the other night at her house. The last time we worked on it (a few days ago) she provided/texted me the piano chords, and I’ve been jamming on them since.***

I took the gummies at 9:44 am on an empty stomach, so that I could sense the effects.

I looked at the clock when I started to feel them, which was around 10:25 am. It took about 

:30min for my body to digest and synthesize the “nutrients” into my bloodstream. 

Pretty standard.

I could feel them moving in very gently, and I made my way to a space in time with awareness and intention. I promised myself that I would work on my song. 

As a working Shamama and Mother to 3 - my time alone is precious to me. My family left the house this morning and I used that time to write, play my piano, and work on my song. It seems like whenever I play the piano when my family is at home suddenly everyone “needs” me at the same time… so frustrating and consistently accurate. 

Motherhood is the Motherload. Om Mani Padme Om 

But this time, I planned my sojourn. I got to practice and integrate the piano chords to the lyrics AND got to belt it out and play with my style. Boom!

I’m trying to develop my voice, and I tend to get shy when singing in front of people in a non-ceremonial setting. Because I’m at the beginning stages of writing/singing my songs I must gauge my range for development. I have a lot of room to grow as a performing artist, but I think that will always be the case, no matter what. 

Do you how exciting it is to know and feel when you’re onto something good? 

Now that I’m expanding my repertoire to include my songs, I’m highly motivated to make the best use of my precious time, learn the ins and outs of my voice, and figure out how to tweak the ways that my external environment affects my vibrato (so to speak) so that I can push myself to the limits without fear.

(I’ll eventually get to the point of why I’m telling you all this:)

I sat at the piano for a while, maybe 15 minutes, and received pure joy in art form. I made myself cry. Total catharsis via self-inspiration + plus some feel-good help from my Fungi friends @adoseofcolors. 

Another Side Note: 

*** Did you know that the Love you liberate in your work is the Love you get to keep? I wish this loving feeling for everyone. The world would be a much better place if everyone was doing what turned them way on! Too many people are stuck in jobs they hate, for reasons they feel pressured to stay in. I get it. I see it happen all the time, and about 80% of the patience in my practice are trying to find a way out of the commitments that drain their precious energy. When they tap into the mycelium realms, they see where their potential is (after they dissolve their accumulated garbage), and it’s my work to make sure they act on what they’re shown by the cosmic intelligence that lives inside of them and in each of us. It’s just waiting to be discovered, practiced, and implemented. Aho let’s go! ***

I now have a solid foundation for the chords to my song and received many unexpected messages from people I love during my journey. 

When you’re in the vibe, you attract who and what’s right for you. Fungi are connected to the cosmos and when you’re tapped into that frequency, you’re in alignment with the web of life at a very deep and high level.

At the moment of writing this, it’s 11:11 am MST and Deepak Chopra has reminded me to say “Yes to Life”. Best advice man! Glad I set that alarm.

Right now I feel the Holy Universe inside of me.

It’s 11:20 am and I feel deeply connected. It is crazy how Fungi maneuvers about time, space, and synchronicities! 

I can’t say that my consciousness has been affected to any degree, which under the circumstances is to be expected and works well for my intention. Amanita’s aren’t known to have effects in a psychoactive way. That’s why Santa served them up at the Solstice to entire families.  (Check out my last blog post for more on Santa being a Shaman)

These gummies provide warmth and an increase in physical and sensual vibration. It feels like a gentle expansion experience… and I’m about it!

Who doesn’t like warmth? Mr.Grinch? He likes the warmth, he just doesn’t like people. 

And who can blame him these daze? Hahaha!!

I love people and also understand the collective suffering in the world. 

There’s a Mr. Grinch in all of us. We don’t need a Christmas movie to point that out -but it helps to see when you make it funny.

Mr.Grich feels the need to live in a cave to forgo all the nonsense of the topside world. In ‘The Barbie Movie’, the Mr.Grinch character is played by the Mom who goes through a dark spell and ruins Barbie’s perfect world, but in case you’re one of the odd ones who hasn’t seen it, I won’t ruin the end for you. 

Earth is a perfect world… if only men were fun-guys!  You feel me, ladies? Hahahaha!

Have you heard that Jesus was a mushroom? Did you ever hear that Joseph Smith (patron saint of Mormonism) belonged to a family of mushroom foragers? Did you know that Santa was a Siberian Shaman? Deep dive my friends. You are a few fungi away from receiving your revelation and becoming your version of Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, and Mary!  

What I’ve found is that I feel the most “at home” when in the company of my Psychedelic community. I am exalted when I get to support and help initiate people into higher and deeper realms of consciousness. The sayings are true... ‘You are Who You’re Most Commonly Near’ or ‘Birds of One Feather Flock Together’, or ‘It Takes One To Know One’. 

I’ve worked hard to grow my community over the years, and it hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it. The best days are when we are all together. It’s a sacred time, and yet, most of the time many are missing from all the fun. The reason I’m involved in so many endeavors is because, like wildfire, I like to spread. I intend to share healthy messages that uplift our Spirit and to do sacred work that allows me to provide well for my soul family with integrity. I’ve made so many mistakes along the way and have failed too many times to count. That’s life. 

Life is about learning and in-joyment, not about perfection. I share all my foibles with my people so that they know they’re not alone in their work, and that sharing and honesty is a natural part of the awakening process. 

Only nature is perfect. If we observe Her, learn from Her, and respect Her, we will come away knowing many important things that will help us along our path.

It’s good practice to admit when we’ve made a mistake, but to

know that we have to be conscious of the lesson we learned or else we keep repeating it. 

No thanks! 

I wanna grow and blossom all the days of my life, don’t you?

And since Fungi and I got a good thing going, I know our relationship will help me see through the truth in what matters, in good time.

I’m thrilled to say that @AdoseOfColors made my day, and I’ve got all day to go. 

What’ll happen next?

It’s 12:08 and I can taste the medicine in my mouth (you know that mushroom after-taste? Not unpleasant at all, but I’m not gonna blow into anyone’s face either;). The warmth is still here, and I’ll give the whole experience a 10 out of 10 and sum it up in 3 words. Just Do It.

Shamama Marian xo

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