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Are you a gobbstopper?

Do you remember the gobbstopper candy from back in the day? They were a multi-shelled round candy that you couldn’t bite through. You had to suck the life off of it in order to get to the center, which was tartly dissolvable. Candy and Consciousness analogy: The hard layers of shell are the combination of programs, heartache (both unconscious and obvious), and system oppressors (junk food/negative environment/misappropriated false beliefs) you’ve accumulated over time. Your saliva (that dissolves each layer of the shell) is medicine that helps remove the accumulated weight (in layers) that you’ve mounted up to protect yourself from pain, rejection and disconnected-ness. Some people’s emotional weight is so great that they develop dis-ease in the form of obesity, illness, mental issues/addictions, GHD syndrome, poor relations, poverty, and/or ongoing/relentless feelings of hopelessness and despair.

For people with no physical symptoms who complain of what sounds like an existential crisis/ennui/mid-life-challenges, causing an unhealthy degree of paranoia, boredom, anxiety and depression, I offer this diagnosis: Ground-Hogs-Day syndrome; the feeling like you're on a hamster wheel with no vision or plan of how to get off.

If you went (or took your kids to) the docs office and reported the symptoms, they would prescribe what was sold to them by pharma as ‘NumbThePainIsAll’ or some other covert Spirit-deterrent drug.

When nothing appears to be physically wrong, but there are negative inner-behavioral symptoms, this could feel like mounting pressure, but you don’t know what it is or how to alleviate it. You can’t put your finger on it. It causes anxious feelings, can create unhealthy addictions and can sometimes drag you down so far that you get depressed. If you feel this way for long and you’re partnered, your relationship can start to deteriorate and you may begin to blame others for why you may feel the way you do, or just as sad, blame yourself. If you’re single, and not on purpose, you may feel lonely and isolated, furthering your belief that you are unlovable. You may feel like you’re never going to meet a person who you can obsess over (in a good way), make passionate love to, and build a life with. There is a voice deep down inside each of us that knows what we think isn't always true, and that's the voice to listen to. Often its a whisper. Hearing that voice takes practice and sometimes dramatic gestures are needed to bang down the door of our eGo's.

The older we get the more life experience we have, and that is a good when life isn't squandered. When we meet certain challenges and we can't find the courage to face them, or move through them consciously, then we begin to develop the Godstopper layers. We’ll go to great lengths to justify our decisions if they are based in eGo instead of Spirit. Making decisions from spirit always yields miraculous rewards.

Some challenges come up in the form of parental conditioning - who and where we were raised will eventually cause us to differentiate our own unique paths as we grow up, but truth be told that the apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree. A bird might pick up your apple and fly it across town or the world, but even then you’ll come to realize that the soup you were cooked in, will in some ways, pre-determine the path you’re on and will attract certain experiences. That is until you wake up to the reality of what you’re facing. The pattern. And if you make attempts at healing the pattern, you will win.

The space in-between a self-conscious inducing experience and the peace-realm is known as the healing process.

La Medicina. If she knocks on your door, answer it.

Whether we’re dealing with GHD syndrome, cancer, adhd, or other words that describe dis-ease we have to be brave and take responsibility for how we want to live from this moment on. That sometimes means taking unpopular, but necessary risks. The medicine shows us the ways we’ve been wrong. It’s a humbling process - a very necessary one. And she also shows us what is true, high and good.

When we dissolve the top layers of the Godstopper, with the aid of Earth Medicine, we come to find that life is so much more than our immediate scope of vision. From this vantage point, while in communion, we’re gifted with wild and fragrant realizations that often induce ecstasy and various forms of healing;

The gift for taking a risk in all’s favor.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you get to the center of it all…and dissolve. I have been so lucky, and would like to invite you to that space. A space of deep cleansing and illumination. I have chosen a life of devotion to the medicine because of the alchemy it creates and the healing it provides. I am a witness.

The medicine does the work with us while it’s coursing through our system, but what we do after the cleaning is of utmost importance. This is where we and our creator get in sync. This is where I hold your hand while you reach towards what you saw and felt during the precious time in ceremony, so that you can make it live in your life for good. Therefore: if you do nothing with what you receive while in communion, you will regurgitate big lessons in life, and you will pay for it in terms of time and energy. Wouldn't you rather spend your time and energy on the kinds of things that fill you up with glee?

Creativity shines-through if the vibe is high.

Whether you are wanting to heal an illness, attract a Lover (who will feel safe to unpack their baggage, so that they can stay around for the really good stuff), transition from a job to starting a passion project, re-ignite a passion-less relationship, or improve the relationship between family members, La Medicina has something for everyone. If you're healthy and curious, well then the stars will shine for you like never before. Before millions of indigenous people were killed, taking medicine together for healing or celebration was the norm.

How things have changed.

The way I make my living brings me ecstasy. I earn through people’s inner-peace & happiness.

If am a bridge, then I give you permission to walk all over me while you find your way.

It will be fun, because it's a part of my design.

But first, let’s talk.



(P.S. Got any questions? Post them here if you can)

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marian rivkind
marian rivkind
Jun 30, 2023

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