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America, You're Gorgeous!

Yesterday my family got back from Yellowstone, after spending a few days camping on Lake Hebken, Montana.

Never have I seen such beauty, and I've been around. The park is a wonderland, and if you've never been, I highly recommend you go.

I couldn't help but think about what America would look like if there were no fences or borders. Yellowstone is a national park, which means that the lands are protected, and open. Animals are everywhere, roaming free, and they are magnificent... in their natural habitat.

What a concept. Thank you FDR.

There we saw baby Bears, Bison, Big Horned Sheep, Elk, and many other creatures. My six year old daughter squealed in delight as we stopped to observe them in their natural space, and it gave me an opportunity to teach her about very important things: Things like...

-Nature is a natural wonder and we must protect what we treasure.

-Leave no trace.

-Dedicate your life to observing natures cycles and rhythms, and you will live well, because we are a part of nature.

-Talk to the trees, and send your yearnings on the wings of butterflies. They will deliver your message.

-Nature does not judge itself.

-Nature has no shame.

-Nature has no guilt.

-Nature will outlast humans unless a massive attitude adjustment is made.

-Nature has no authority. She lives by Her own rules. Honor them.

-Nature is our home, so treat her well and clean up after yourself, or else we will have problems.

-Speak about Her as though she is your loving Mother, and by these words you will teach others how to treat the Divine Feminine, and raise a generation of humans that care for and respect Her majesty.

Do you believe this to be radical? In a world of lost humans, it is, but it wasn't always this way.

Over 100 Million indigenous people were killed over the last several millenia. They knew about the ways of the natural world, and as a result of their decimated population our Earth is in a major crisis. So much so that we are on the brink of a total system collapse. It is we who will pay for our forefathers choices.

But it is also "we" who can gain knowledge and wisdom about Earth's sacred place in our solar system, and in that we stand a chance at survival, as well as create a legacy for our children to enjoy.

The easiest and most profound way to inquire and understand the necessity of honoring nature can be found in a single mystical experience using Psychedelics.

Before I came to the medicine, I was totally oblivious to my connection to our planet. After my first experience with "fun-guy" my nature changed. This is radical. And that is why I preach what I do. It's necessary, because many people are asleep at the wheel of their lives, and sadly as a result, they lack purpose and passion. Too many people are chasing after things that are meaningless, pushed by questionable agenda's, politics, and authoritarian influencers.

We have a choice, but it requires awareness and shifting our lenses towards what is of utmost value; our home on this planet, the relations we have while we're alive, and the legacy we leave after we die. The energy it takes to pursue the road less traveled (in the modern day) requires passion and purpose, which is our divine birth right. However we live in a time of robots and human automatons. God forbid we go without that thing we think we need!

Before I came to the medicine I was selling dumb shit to people who were seeking worthiness through superficial means. After I woke up from the dream/nightmare I was living I made this massive realization and made the decision to change the course of my life and therefore my priorities.

As a result of getting connected, I began to live wholly and in alignment with my heart, and although it hasn't been easy (nothing worth doing every is) it has been extremely worth it. While some people talk at the dinner table about sports and politics, I like to talk about ideas and solutions to our worlds biggest problems. This fosters deep engagement. I like to go deep. I'm not interested in superficialities.

There are a lot of people in the world who do not know about what comes with having a sacred experience using our Master Plants, because our not-so-loving government would rather you not know, and instead they prefer you to follow the tales they spin to keep you dizzy and doing. Ay ay ay ay!

It's of no consequence because we are heading into a direction where heart-leaders are coming together for the common good, or at least that's what my practice involves.

I'm here to shape minds, so that the programs and narratives from a sick society can be transformed into loving and purposeful awareness. I have my work cut-out for me. Ha!

This past Sunday I hosted my first show on 99.9 KUAA at 10pm (MST). There I have the opportunity to share my heart, my stories, wise teachings, and of course THE MUSIC with my community.

As I played out the list of songs and prepared myself for Mic Time, I saw all the folks who were streaming live from their devices all over. I felt connected to everyone in a way I never had.

There I was in a tiny room with access to listeners all over the globe. What a feeling! My messages promote unity consciousness and the necessity for higher learning, which many people do not have access to.

I feel humbled and blessed to have the opportunity to serve in ways that ignite my passion and allow me to steer my purpose.

I would be lying if I said it was easy. I come up against people's eGo's for a living. I have been exiled, outed, criticized, but that is of no consequence. Our brother Jesus knew a thing or two about that and still, by hell or high water he made his mission and was devoted to higher teaching and learning. I feel his process.

We are One.

No one need be martyred for sharing the truth. All we must do when we receive signals from the eGo, (fear/hate) is to recognize that it is a call to release what is small in our consciousness to make room for more expansion. And the way to do that is through the heart. I hope and pray that you feel it in the air.

Namasté Loving,

Marian xo

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