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An Experience Like No Other

Gaia Nights is a grass roots event organization that was birthed out of the desire to keep the Live Music scene alive during corona times. Courageously, Jaquie Wright and Marian Rivkind doubled down on supporting the artistic community in Utah during the pandemic - a time when group organization was forbidden. Since its inception we have gathered a tribe of die-hard music fans that cannot deny their need for human connection. Our events are curated and are focused on connecting our community networks. Our high-vibe-tribe is a group of rebel hearts and renegade masters. Gaia is our beloved champion who keeps the passion and fire burning within us in order to share what is important and true in this life and at this time. We wish to share our joy and inspiration through the experiences we hope to provide for our guests through the sound of Music.

Our aim is to showcase Utah talent and culture in unique, playful and provocative ways.   


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